August 11, 2015

Tuesday - Cloudier, but still too hot!

A goodish day.

I woke up quite late today.  Actually, I woke up early on and then went back to sleep, which of course meant I couldn’t get up on time!  I spent some time on the couch and kept meaning to do a workout, but somehow I just didn’t want to do it.  I finally did a mile walk and enjoyed it, but I didn’t do the arm workout that I usually do.

I did a few loads of laundry in the afternoon and also had lunch at an almost reasonable time.  Almost.  I scanned my two outgoing stamps, packaged up a Bookmooch, and a Gotochi card and sent them all off at the post office.  It was good to get outside, even if there were scary cobwebs in the bikeshed.

When I came home, I got a call from F who said that he’d had a fight with a cat.  I didn’t take him seriously and told him I’d try and eat before he came home so he didn’t have to wait.

I had a nice meal of leftover chicken and mushrooms which I sautéed in a pan and then added spaghetti to.  I put a sauce on top of it all and mixed it up in my bowl.  It was yummy! I had a side salad with it too.  I finished up just as F came home and did the dishes as well.  

When he came home he showed me his hand.  He had had to capture a stray/half-wild cat for work and it had bitten him.  I am a bit freaked out about it, especially since I played Google Doctor and found out how bad cat bites can be.  His hand is quite swollen and painful, even though he has been cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide.  I told him that he has to try and get time off work to see a doctor tomorrow.  It’s a work injury after all. 

I made a pot of decaf tea around 9:30 and then at 10 pm gingerly joined F on the couch for a bit of Grey’s Anatomy and crochet.  I got a bit done and it was going well, with my crochet, not Grey’s I mean!  

This is how the blanket looked before I did more joining tonight. 
I really like the way that the "Sherbet" goes with the "Petrol" and the dark blue.  I think it goes really well.  I'm enjoying watching this one grow!

I did a few more Postcrossings tonight as well.  I found out that F has taken off Thursday and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do any that night or not.  

Anyway, F is having trouble sleeping so I think his hand must really hurt him.  I’m planning to get to bed soon so that I can get up a bit earlier tomorrow.  Or hoping maybe.

Come back and see what I get up to later.  I might actually have something different going on tomorrow night.  You never know!  Come on back and find out.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Wow, I'm reading backwards in your blog since that's how they showed up on my feed and YIKES!! Cat bites are nothing to mess around with. I'm glad you talked F into going to the doctor.

There was a case here in the US that made the news recently where a woman's cat either licked her eyeball or somehow got some kitty saliva in there and the woman lost her eye because of it.

Doubly hope F is fine!

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I'm reading backwards, like Rosa. What a story! Wild animals have so many diseases, I'm glad he got operated on so quickly. Hoping for a speedy recovery!

Helen said...

Thanks Crafty Tokyo Mama! It's a crazy story isn't it? He is doing much better. I probably should have posted the latest picture, but didn't. I'll see if I can get a good one today.

Thanks for visiting :-)