August 15, 2015

Saturday - Stormy in the morning, gorgeous for the rest of the day.

I woke up and got up early today.  Well, for me.  I took a quick shower and then got dressed.  My friend picked me up at 10:30 and we drove over to the hospital.  When we first arrived F was being given some medicine, but after that he was able to come to the lounge and we had a nice chat.  It was lovely to see my friend as she’s been away for a while.  

When she had to leave, I walked her out to the door nearest her car and we had a few minutes of chat.  When I went back up to F’s room he had had  lunch.  I sat with him for a bit and then went out of the hospital to the convenience store across the street to buy my lunch.  F came to the lounge with me while I ate. However, while I was gone on the search for lunch, something exciting had happened.  They had moved F’s bed!  He was now moved over to the window. The person who had been there before had gone home.  I think it was nice for him to have a view.  

F tried to take a nap but we heard an announcement.  They were asking for the owner of a car with a certain licence plate to contact them.  F wasn’t completely sure, but thought it might be our car they were talking about.  He left for a while to go and find out.  I was reading and stayed where I was for a while.  I noticed he’d been gone for a while, so I went to the lounge and turned my phone back on.  I got a message from F and called him.  

A woman had hit our car and done some damage to it.  The parking lot security guard had seen her and so F had to go and deal with that.  The police came and F and the woman exchanged insurance details.  Good grief!

F came back in and after calming down a bit, tried to take a nap.  I did some knitting again, but really, it was quite noisy in the room.  Every time he’d nod off, a nurse would come into the room to take care of one of the other patients or something.  

I waited until F had eaten dinner, but I did leave a little earlier tonight.  I wanted to go to S-Mall and see if I could pick up some stuff for F.  The mall closes at 8 pm usually so I needed to be there fast.   He walked me to the door and we had a nice goodbye.

I walked to the Mall and didn’t find what I wanted.  I got a small bag at the hundred yen shop and then picked up a few groceries at the shop downstairs.  Then, I began to walk home.  

It was a little bittersweet as tonight was the big fireworks display in Tsuruoka and I love the fireworks.  F and I had planned to go, but he hadn’t actually got round to arranging our seats.  I know he watched some of the Hanabi from the hospital lounge, but I didn’t bother too much.  Usually I’m ticked off at F because of the way he acts during the fireworks, but tonight I was quite sad!

I came home and vegged for a bit.  I made my dinner tonight and it was good.  I had baked asparagus with scrambled eggs and a bit of smoked duck on the side.  Yum!  It didn’t look fabulous but it was nice and quite easy to eat.  

I got a few things ready to take to the hospital for F tomorrow and tried to relax.  I watched too much TV, but enjoyed it.  And now, I really should go to bed!  

Oh, some random pictures for today….first.
Today's view from the Lounge...gorgeous sky.

Fireworks from S-Mall.  

F's Snack Art Therapy Project...him vs the cat. 
Come back later and see what Sunday is like.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

And now the car?! Ay yi yi! Bad luck comes in threes, so be careful!

Love the photos. The view from the lounge is something else. And you may have missed the fireworks show--but I guess you probably also missed the mosquitoes, right? So there's no great loss without some small gain (as Pa Ingalls might say).

And good to see F is working though his demons. Art therapy works! Maybe F can avoid kitty-based PTSD?

Helen said...

I didn't miss the mosquitoes...I got bitten by one inside the hospital by the door last night as i was leaving! :-( Hope that's the third thing! I can manage with that.

I hope F can miss any PTSD! I think he probably enjoyed eating the cat (figuratively) later on!

The lounge has a great view doesn't it? The hospital is in a good location.

Thankfully, nothing happened today! Whew!

Glad you visited!

MsMouse7 said...

Love the art therapy project! F has a bright future I think. As for the car; it's always something, isn't it? Cat, car ... Watch out for a cab or a can.

Helen said...

Good advice!

Thanks for visiting :-)