August 17, 2015

Tuesday - Cloudy and a little rainy

A good day.

I had a relaxing morning at home today.  I got up early, watched my show, drank cold tea and ate my breakfast.  I packed up F’s computer for him, and wrapped it in plastic because I was worried it might rain on me while I walked to the hospital.  

I finally left home a little after noon and made good time there.  F was happy to see me, but happier still to see his computer.  Sigh.  I was surprised but happy to see that his full hand bandage has now been replaced by a couple of large bandages.  Although his hand is still quite red in places, the doctor seems to think it is doing well.  

I stayed with F for quite a while today, but he was distracted by his computer.  He watched a movie on it while I did some knitting.  We did have some time in the lounge while I ate lunch so that was nice.

I decided to leave him a little bit early tonight.  I wanted to go back to S-Mall and do some shopping for him, and I hoped to get home before the rain came.  I waited until he got his dinner and then I left.  

I walked to the mall, did a little shopping for him, and bought a couple of things for me at Subway and the bakery.  Then, I walked home again.  I have been doing so much walking this week, I should have great legs soon!  Actually, I am so grateful that I decided to work on myself this year and improve my fitness.  I can’t imagine how I’d be handling things if I hadn’t become fitter.  I’m walking kilometres…I could ride my bike, but with the weather being all over and today with carrying the computer thought it better not to.

When I got home, I ate my taco sub, had half of the bagel I bought today, and then the chocolate croissant.  I toasted that one and probably shouldn’t.  I burned the top…not badly enough to make it taste bad, but enough to look bad.

I did a little laundry for F and relaxed and even did a few cards for Postcrossing.  I’ll mail them tomorrow on my way to the hospital.

Earlier in the week, one of my readers asked me about the hospital and whether I had to do a lot of “work” for my husband’s care.  Quick answer-no.  In Japan the patients do supply many of their own goods to use…chopsticks, slippers and the like.  F does have a set of pyjamas from the hospital, I had to sign to say that he got them (because he couldn’t sign himself!).  I think he pays for them, but he’s free to wear his own if he wants to.  On the first day, they needed someone to act as his guarantor…to guarantee that he wouldn’t run off and not pay.  I couldn’t do it, it had to be someone that he didn’t live with.  

 I think as a foreigner who doesn’t speak Japanese, I’d have a fairly difficult time of life in the hospital, but I would be well taken care of.  The nurses come quickly when F or one of his room-mates ring the bell, the food has looked quite good, although a bit too fish centred for me.  

I’m sure if F’s condition was more serious things would be a bit different. I may have missed a few things, as I’m not there all the time.

I have to get to bed soon.  It’s late again.  Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

I'm glad to hear that F is being well-cared for. It takes a lot of the strain off of you, I'm sure, since you don't have to deal with all that stuff!

Congrats on all your fitness gains. Exercise makes a huge difference, no?

Orchid64 said...

As someone who was in the hospital twice in Japan, I can say that they do care for you very well, though the doctors do vary. Mine tried too hard to care for me - wouldn't let me out even though I was chomping at the bit to escape. A woman in the same ward was in great pain and her doctor was giving her the boot even though she was still clearly recovering. She was the one who told me that the doctors were different. I wish ours had been swapped so she could have stayed and I could have gone!

I think the Japanese health system has some issues (the long waits being the major one), but generally is very good and you'd be fine if you had to go into the hospital. Even with a low level of Japanese, you'd be okay as they know what to do even if they can't speak to the patient.

I'm glad F. is getting better!

Helen said...

Thanks for commenting!

Orchid64, I was hoping to hear from you about the hospital thing as you are one of the few people I know who has been in a Japanese hospital and doesn't have a Japanese spouse.

I agree about the waiting time to see the doctor, but perhaps it is because I'm in a small city, but when I've needed extra testing, I've been able to get in quite quickly. When I was very sick a couple of years ago, I saw my GP in the morning, he sent me to the hospital in the afternoon. I did have to wait there, but was able to get a diagnosis that day.

I've had other tests done here that in Canada I'd literally have to wait weeks to have in a day or sometimes the same day I talked to my doctor about.

I'm feeling a bit stressed with F being away in the hospital, but I'm coping better than I would have before. Of course, all the walking I do to and from the hospital helps with that too!

Thank you both for visiting and commenting. :-)