August 19, 2015

Wednesday - Sunny and warm, nice

A good day.

I got up a little late this morning, but it wasn’t a big deal.  I watched my show and had breakfast. I also had a shower before getting dressed and heading off to the hospital.  

I stopped off at the convenience store on the way there to pick up lunch for myself and then went to the hospital.  F was still eating when I arrived, so I waited while he ate.  We went to the lounge and I ate my lunch and F and I chatted for a bit.  It was nice.

We spent most of the afternoon together.  He got a new room-mate today, who snores quite loudly.  I had brought F ear-plugs earlier in the week, I hope he wears them!  F watched some dvds on his computer and enjoyed them, so did I while I did a bit of knitting.  

We did make a plan for tomorrow which I hope will be fun.  I’m going to go a few minutes earlier than today and F has already cancelled his lunch.  We’ll go to the hospital restaurant and have lunch.  F is looking forward to it because they have…yes, you guessed it…ramen!  I’ve heard that it is quite good, so I’m looking forward to it for that.  

F is doing quite well, but his doctor won’t be in tomorrow so it now seems like the earliest he’ll be out of the hospital will be Saturday.  Good grief.  He is still getting a couple of IV’s every day.  I think in Canada he’d probably be treated as an out-patient though.  

Taking the Rocky thing a bit too can just see one of the scabs on his
hand on the edge.  I haven't seen the other two places he got bitten, but they looked worse earlier in the week.  

Because I felt so guilty about leaving the hospital early yesterday, I stayed a little later today.  I waited until he had his dinner before I left.  I walked home and put his washing in the washing machine! 

I cooked my dinner tonight and it was nice.  I had pasta with ume sauce, salad and smoked chicken.  I also finished up the nameru from yesterday.  Yum. I’m not sure what I’ll do about dinner tomorrow night.  I might have pasta again, or I might go out.  It depends on the weather and how I feel.

I watched a bit of TV and re-started my knitting.  I have decided that the hat doesn’t work by itself, so I’m going to use a bit of spare wool from my blanket to do the ribbing with.  The fuzzy eyelash yarn that I’m using doesn’t lend itself to stretching and I want to have a bit of give around the headband part of the hat.  I actually think I have decided to restart it again, but swatch it first!  I also wrote 3 postcards tonight for Postcrossing. 

At midnight I went into the kitchen and prepped the garbage for taking out in the morning.  I did something else too.  I went through the fridge and threw out a bunch of outdated or mystery dated food.  Some of it was my stuff…ancient stuff from when I was low carbing, but a lot was F’s weird stuff, presents from work and such.  He brings it home and forgets it…I’m certainly not going to eat it now.  And I didn’t throw out any of his ramen soup packets either.  I’m not that brave!  My biggest hope is that I wake up in the time that I can put out the garbage.  I have set multiple alarms, so I had better wake up!  So, there is more room in my fridge now.  Yay.

Anyway, that’s about it for me.  If I don’t get some sleep, I definitely won’t be able to take out the garbage in the morning.  Wish me luck with that.  Come back later and find out how my “date” goes.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Busy days for you recently! Maybe it's best that F is not outpatient because if anything weird were to happen with his meds or hand, at least he's got a doctor or nurse right there. Less stress!

Ah, the garbage in Japan. I hated that whole rigamarole. I used to just put everything in the burnable bag and then take it out in the middle of the night (2-3 a.m. when I went to bed) so I wouldn't have to get up early. Or I'd let it pile up on the balcony for a few weeks until it got so bad I would be forced to deal with it. Ugh.

Enjoy your hospital "date"!

Helen said...

Oh yes...garbage! It sounds like you didn't have "garbage police" where you lived? I've heard of them in places. They'll go through your garbage and give it back to you if you do it wrong! We have to sort 5 different bags, they are plastic now and slightly transparent, so easy to see if you mess things up.

In my old apartments I did take it out in the middle of the night, but here I don't because I don't want to get caught might reflect badly on F! And, I did get up in time to take out the garbage so no worries!

Yes, I'm quite busy. I thought with him being "away" I'd be able to relax more, but it hasn't happened yet!

I guess you are right about the problems happening. He did have a bit of a reaction to one of the first IV's, but he's able to walk around and can use his hand better (although not perfectly), so maybe time at home would be good for him. Oh well...I'm getting all sorts of exercise going to the hospital so I shouldn't knock it!

Rosa said...

There were "garbage police" in my old neighborhood, but the apartment building where I lived paid someone to resort the garbage if it got rejected. That person really had to earn their living while I lived there! But I never thought about it, in your situation, reflecting badly on F. Good point.

Yeah, that walk to the hospital is a hidden blessing in all this. You can get out, get some exercise and fresh air!