August 20, 2015

Thursday - Warm and Sunny

A good day.

I got up early this morning, before my alarms even, and took out the garbage.  Many people had already put theirs out. I came back into the apartment and went back to bed!

I got up later and watched my show.  I skipped breakfast today, but managed to get most of my stuff done early before I went out.  Around 11:35 I  hopped on my bicycle and rode to the hospital.  F was happy to see me and we went up to the 9th floor of the hospital.

We had lunch at the restaurant and it was nice.  F had a large ramen of course and I had grilled fish.  Mine was a really nice set meal and I enjoyed it.  F gave me some of his meat, I gave him some of my rice!

We spent some time in F’s room and some time in the lounge.  F was also allowed to take a bath today, he was extremely happy about that. I did a lot of knitting today.  I think I got my hat going, at least I hope so.  It isn’t very big yet, I just hope the ribbing isn’t too big or too tight.

A knitting shot for a change!
I left the hospital around 5 today.  It was still nice out and I wanted to go to the mall and just hang out!  I biked to the mall and had a cup of Royal Soy Milk Tea at Doutors, then hacked the hundred yen shop.  I bought a few things that weren’t a hundred yen there!  Some will be for my trip so not a bad thing I think.  

I bought a turkey breast sandwich at Subway and then rode home.  

At home I started doing laundry since F gave me something to wash.  I did a couple of loads tonight and then had my dinner.  I had salad and my sub, it was nice and no fuss!

I wrote 4 cards tonight for Postcrossing and scanned them all.  They are ready to go out tomorrow.  I’m not sure if I’ll do any tomorrow night or not.  I think it depends on whether F is getting out of the hospital on Saturday or not.  I’m trying to build up my travelling cards again because of my trip next month.  I’ll have to put my account on hold so I want to have as many cards travelling as possible at the time.  I also have a column that I need to write soon.  

And now, I think I’ll be off.  I’ll probably go to the hospital around noon or 1 tomorrow.  I’m not sure if I’ll walk or bike.  It was a nice break today to ride, but I enjoy walking too.  

Come back a bit later and see how things go.  Until tomorrow….

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