August 21, 2015

Friday - Cloudy and then Rainy

An okay day.  

I got up on time this morning and watched my show while I read blogs and such.  Unfortunately I fell asleep for a bit later on. Oops.  I got up, showered and then left for the hospital. 

I made a couple of stops along the way today.  First I went to the post office and bought some stamps and a couple of the new and very cute anime cards.  They are Twin Stars and Hello Kitty.  My next stop was the convenience store for lunch.  

Back at the hospital, F was in his room and seemed surprised to see me.  I’m never sure why that is!  We went to the lounge and I ate my lunch. He was hoping to be able to leave on Saturday, but isn’t.  We’re now hoping that Monday will be the day, but still aren’t sure.  They want him to be able to make a fist but it is still quite hard for him. He has improved a lot though.  Almost all of the swelling in his fingers has gone, and the same for his hand.  He got a stitch in the back of his hand and that still hurts quite a bit he said.  

It was an odd day today at the hospital.  F got taken away for “Rehabilli” at 2 pm, but that was the time his insurance guy was bringing back the car.  I ended up meeting the guy coming off the elevator as I wanted to get on.  He gave me the keys, and a map as to where the car is, but I didn’t understand him at all!

I left the hospital just before 6 pm tonight.  The weather was bad and I wanted to be home before dark.  I walked today and I’m glad, but I didn’t get the good workout I was hoping for.  

I came home and made dinner for myself.  I had planned one thing, but then thought it was too complicated, so made Mark Bittman’s Tiny Pancakes.  It’s kind of okonomiyaki, easy to do and very yummy, so I was pleased with myself.  I made mine with chopped cabbage salad, cheese and smoked chicken. 

F phoned me a bit later to say that he would try and ask if he can leave the hospital for a while tomorrow afternoon.  I have a dental appointment and he’s worried I won’t manage.  I’m more worried the dentist and her technician will be worried, all I have to do is sit there!  He’s hoping to get out on Monday, but like me, wonders when he’ll be going back to work.  

I had a quiet night. I did the dishes and also wrote up 3 postcards to send tomorrow.  I watched the unfinished River Phoenix movie Dark Blood which was terrible. It was odd and weird, and not in a good way.  

Tomorrow I’m going to have to get up earlyish and shower before I head out to the hospital.  Luckily, my dentist is about five minutes away from the hospital, so I can leave my stuff and just walk there from the hospital.  

I may go out tomorrow night after my time at the hospital.  I still haven’t seen Mission Impossible and I feel like seeing something fun and silly.  I could go and see Sessions instead, but I’m thinking fun is better right now!

Come back later and find out what I get up to!  Until tomorrow!

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