August 22, 2015

Saturday - Cloudy and sunny then rainy

A good day.  

It’s terribly late now so I’ll just give you the bare bones.  

I had quiet busy morning and left for the hospital before 12.  I bought my lunch in the convenience store near the hospital and went to see F.  He was eating lunch and doing well.  He ate and then we went to the lounge and I ate lunch.  We chatted for a bit and then I brushed my teeth and left for the dentist.  Happily her office was just up the street from the hospital, so I walked there.  

I had the second part of my teeth cleaning and then I had a few cavities filled.  I was a little embarrassed to hear how many I had.  For the first time ever, it didn’t hurt to have them filled.  I’m guessing that they were caught before they were really bad?

I paid, and then headed back to the hospital.  F and I did a little walking around the hospital and I did a bit of knitting.  I restarted my hat today.  The ribbing was much too loose.  I frogged it and started it again, but smaller. 

I decided to leave F around 5 pm.  I came home and put his laundry through a quick wash, hung it up and headed out again.  I stopped off at the hospital to bring F some more DVDs and towels, then left.  Honestly, I was probably there less than 5 minutes!

I went to Cafe Cinq near the river.  I had planned to have the chicken dish I have had before, but it wasn’t on offer.  I had carbonara instead and it was really, really good.  I had some ginger tea afterwards and then headed out again.  This time, my goal was Machi-Kine.  

I went to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.  It was fun, which is just what I needed.  If F wants to see it, I’ll go and see it again.  

After the movie, I rode home via a convenience store.  I got home just after 11 and spent time on my computer.  I also spent a bit of time snoozing in front of my computer, which is why I’m still up as the sun is coming up.  Sigh.  

Anyway, that’s about it for me.  I have a couple of pictures for you today.  On the way to the theater I passed a temple and there was a statue lit up.  I stopped and took a picture from the gate. I thought it was cool, but the picture isn’t that good…iPhones don’t seem to do night shots well.  And a couple of obligatory hospital lounge shots of the view…clouds and mountains today.  

Come back later and find out about my day.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

A busy day for you! Including the dentist? Ugh. When I leave the dentist, even just for a cleaning, I always just want to come home and go back to bed. (I hate going to the dentist!)

I really like the photo of the buddha statue. It's very evocative.

It sounds like your bachelor days will be coming to an end soon. I'll bet F is itching to be up and about.

Helen said...

My bachelor days are now over, and I'm happy about it, for the moment at least!

Thanks for your nice words about the picture. I decided to go back after the movie and try again, but the light was off by then!

This wasn't a bad dentist visit, plus I like this dentist. The first one I had in Tsuruoka wasn't very good...but my husband liked him and thought he was good. Now he apologizes to me about that!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the cavities. I often think Japanese dentists are not very good! I have no idea if my dentist is good or not.

Glad the fillings did not hurt!

Helen said...

My present dentist is really good. She goes to the US for seminars and courses so she didn't stop learning when she finished dental school. She speaks a little English too. I don't mind going to see her to be honest.

I think you have to keep looking. There are bad dentists, but there are good ones too!