August 24, 2015

Monday - Hot and Sunny

A happy day!

This morning F called me and told me that he was going to be able to come home today.  Yay!  I got dressed and walked over to the hospital.  I stopped at the convenience store and got myself an iced milk tea and then met up with F at the hospital.  I arrived just after 11 and didn’t bother having breakfast at home.  I did buy a sandwich at the hospital’s shop.  They had sandwiches from the bakery I frequented when I worked at L’Eikaiwa, my favourite Italian Sandwich so I had that.  Yum!  

F then proceeded to tell me that he was going to have rehabilitation at 2:00pm.  Say what?  He had lunch too, which was nice for him, but not so nice for me!  He had packed in true F style, cramming as many belongings as he could into his suitcase and then having many bags of stuff. 

While he was off having his rehab, I sat in the lounge and took what I hope will be my last pictures from there.  I also read some of my book on my phone and nearly finished it.  

When he finished, we went back to his room and finished packing his stuff.  He also gave his room mates towels to say goodbye.  I thought it was sweet but odd.  

I ended up packing a lot of his stuff into my pink carrying bag that I had loaned him.  It was quite heavy.  We left and I asked if he wanted to say goodbye to the nurses.  He did at the ward desk and then found out he was supposed to have his room checked by a nurse! A couple of them came and made sure he hadn’t left anything, which was good except I had done that too!

Then, we left.  I took a couple of pictures of him leaving the hospital, mostly for Facebook and my readers here!

Free at last!

We dropped his stuff off at home and then we had lunch at Moku Moku.  I had cold pork shabu-shabu pasta and F had chicken with cheese.  My lunch was perfect.  I had been thinking about cold pasta and I really enjoyed this.  

After lunch, F drove us to his doctor’s office.  He needed a report from him for the insurance or his work, I’m not sure which. 

When we finished there, I suggested that F go and help see his mother, since she hadn’t seen him in ages.  I asked to be let out at the hardware store in the area.  I went shopping, he saw his mum.  

After a bit, F joined me and we bought a few things.  I got some blank cds, a new pen, we bought some dishwashing liquid…a bunch of things that we could use.  We followed that with a drink at McDonalds and then a quick jaunt through a hundred yen shop.

We came home for a bit, but honestly I was getting hungry, so left again at 8:30 for Cocos.  At Cocos I had grilled chicken and F had tan-tan-men.  I laughed and told him that we were having the opposite of what we had for lunch!  I had noodles, he had grilled chicken, now we had just reversed it.

We bought a few groceries for dinner tomorrow night and then came home.  It was a quiet evening.  F is going to go back to work tomorrow, but I’m a bit worried that he’ll try and overdo it or something.  He changed his bandage tonight and showed me his hand.  It looks quite horrible.  It is still swollen, with a couple of big scabs from where it was cleaned out by the doctor.  I hope it’ll mend soon.  

That’s about it for today.  Come back later and find out what I get up to on Tuesday!  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

I'll bet F is glad to be home! Hospital stays are far from restful, in my experience--and I never had to deal with any roomies. Hope things continue to go well and that his hand heals up with no complications. And no more chasing around after stray cats after this, I hope!

Helen said...

I don't know how anyone could rest in the hospital either! This one's hours were so not ones I could live with. Wake up at 6:00am, breakfast at 7 (I think), and then lights out at 9:00 pm. His roommates were quite noisy and in pain a lot. F was a good guy and played fetch for them a lot. He put the call button where they could reach it, he'd pick things up for them....he was mobile, they weren't. F would nod off to sleep when I was there, only for a nurse to come and check his blood pressure, or his neighbour's. Since most of the guys were older, the nurses had to shout for the men to hear! Ack.

I've told him to tell his boss to get stuffed if he is asked to move any stray cats again!