August 30, 2015

Sunday - Rainy and warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and a few minutes after F went back to bed.  I stayed up and he slept most of the afternoon away.  When he did finally wake up, he was apologetic, but I told him it didn’t matter.  It really didn’t.  He got out of the hospital on Monday after spending more than a week there.  Of course he should take things easy!  And I enjoyed it too.  I don’t often get a Sunday where I can relax at home.  

F decided to go and have his hair cut, so I begged a lift to the mall.  I thought I’d do a little shopping or drinking of tea in the coffee shop.  I did both.  I didn’t buy much, a quick present for my friend and then went down to the coffee shop. I used my new prepaid card and got a tea.  As I was walking to the water station, F called to say he was done.  Between the water glass and my tea cup, I had no hands free!  He joined me and I gave him the card to get his own drink.  We had a nice drink, then we drove home.  F dropped me off and went on his way to his house to see his mother.

After he came home we were on our mutual computers for a while and then he suggested going to a new restaurant.  He told me that it was a yakitori shop and since I like those, off we went.

It turned out not to be a yakitori-ya, but a tiny izakaya.  They did have good food though, so we had quite a lot.  We had chicken wings, pork yakitori, squid, edamame and some eggplant.  It was a bit expensive, but quite different.  I have to give F points for trying something new and it not sucking!

After dinner we went to the grocery store.  I’m going to try cooking for the next couple of days.  I hope it goes well, I really do.  

We had a quiet evening in.  I had forgotten that Foyle’s War was on, even though it was written on the calendar.  Luckily, I only missed about 15 minutes of it.  I did some crochet during the show and got up to the last third or so of the blanket.  I am digging it this time too.

And that was my day.  Tomorrow I have to finish my column and do a bit of laundry.  Come back later and find out how I fare.  Until tomorrow!

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