August 7, 2015

Friday - Too hot and too sunny

Crap day again.

I got up this morning a bit late. I had hoped to work out early but overslept.  Then I planned to do it after 10 am, but kept falling asleep.  I finally decided to do just one short video and call it a day. I realized that I am still a bit tired from yesterday, so taking it easy today is fine.

I had a quiet afternoon.  I thought about going out, but never did.  I thought I’d ask F to go out with me after dinner tonight, since I hadn’t been out all day.

When F came home, I had cleared off the table and washed all the table mats.  I was getting ready to make dinner, but since I was making omelettes, couldn’t do too much in advance.  When I got the okay to start from him I baked a couple of hash brown patties for us, cooked the mushrooms and took the eggs out of the fridge to come to room temperature.  I made his omelette, took the patty out of the toaster oven and asked him to come over to eat.  He didn’t respond.  I asked a little louder.  No reply.  He was sitting on the couch watching the news a little too loudly in my opinion.  I decided to leave it.  I made my omelette and announced that I was going to sit down in 30 seconds.  I was told in no uncertain terms then that he wasn’t going to eat my food and was never going to eat anything I made ever again.  We had a loud argument about the whole thing.  Apparently I’m nervous and bitchy in the kitchen when I cook.  Yeah, I’m nervous that no matter what I do, an argument will start and I’ll end up throwing food away.  I’m bitchy because when I tell people that dinner is ready I expect to at least be acknowledged, and hopefully answered with an “I’m coming” or some such pleasantry.  I ate my omelette which was okay, and the rest of my food, then cleared the table, washed my dishes, threw his omelette and plated food into a bag to put in the fridge till garbage day, and then went and sat down. 

I believe that F made himself some ramen, I wouldn’t expect him to make decent food after all.  

The only time I talked to him tonight was to ask if I could set up the DVR for my programmes.  I set them up and then decided to go out after all.  I couldn’t ask him as he had already got into his beer. And of course, at this stage I didn’t want to be around him anyway.  

I changed my clothes and biked off to McDonalds where I had ice cream and a drink while I did a bit of reading.  After an hour I decided to come home.  I did make plans in case I wasn’t able to get into our apartment, but I came in easily.  I put on my pyjamas and went back to the living room.  When I did that, F went to bed.  

I watched the shows I had DVR’d and sat on the couch and did some of my joining on my blanket.  I got quite a lot done, but I may have to take it back since I’m not really sure I like what I did.  I messed up the stitch a little and it is really raised!  I could leave it, or I could make the other side match, if I remember!

So, I’m a tad nervous about tomorrow.  Last weekend the silent treatment lasted 3 days, not sure I’m willing to put up with that this week too.  I’m supposed to go to Mikawa to pick up my pants that I had hemmed, but I can’t really go there by myself.

If you are interested, come back later and see what happens.  Do I get the silent treatment, or do I decide to stop putting up with crap ?  Or, maybe a third option.  Won’t it be exciting to find out?  Snort.  Until tomorrow….

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