September 14, 2015

Monday - Sunny but cool

A good day.

I woke up before my show and took up my place on the couch.  Unfortunately I fell asleep on the couch and ended up dozing through most of my show.  I didn’t work out today either.  I did have an early breakfast and ended up re-watching The Host.  Not my favourite movie, but I like the lead actress.

In the afternoon I did get a little bit busier.  I did some more laundry and I also went out into the apartment lobby and gave it a thorough sweeping.  I noticed that it was nice outside, so I took my latest blanket outside and took a few pictures.  I think it’s a little washed out in this light, but turned out rather well I think.  
It was quite sunny so there was a bit of a shadow. 

I think it looks very snuggly!

The two blankets side by side, thanks to technology!  I have already given away the first one so I couldn't do this in real life.  The blanket on the left is the original one, the one on the right is the one I just finished. 

In the evening F was quite a bit late tonight, but dinner was an easy one so it didn’t matter much.  We had pasta with a bought sauce.  The sauce was from the foreign foods shop in Niigata, although it was a Japanese invention.  It was kabocha cream with mascarpone cheese.  It had raisins in it, which surprised me, because I liked it, and I don’t like raisins much!  We had some steamed chicken breast from the store, salad, and some of the leftover kabocha from last week.  It was nice really!

F did the dishes and we settled in for a nice night.  I watched Gossip Girl and did a bit of crochet, then afterwards I darned in the ends so far.  It looks rather nice and I quite like this pattern.  It works in my head.  The other one, no matter how long I worked on it wouldn’t stick in my head! 

F went to bed fairly early and I’m still up.  I’ll try and get to bed soon though as I’m quite tired from the weekend.  

Oh, and one more thing…today is the 14th anniversary of the day that F and I went to City Hall and registered our marriage.  Being married to F has always been interesting, mostly in a good way.  

Tomorrow I hope to get a little more laundry done, I might tackle my wardrobe…and apart from that, I’m not sure!  Come back and see if I get up to anything good!  Until tomorrow….


MsMouse7 said...

Happy Anniversary!

Helen said...

Thank you! :-) I get another anniversary tomorrow too.

MsMouse7 said...

Well then congrats again.

Helen said...

Thanks very much!!!