September 15, 2015

Tuesday - Cool and sunny

A good day.  I got up this morning and managed to stay awake for a change!  I did a work out and then did a lot of laundry today too.  

I had a busy-ish afternoon.  I went through some of my clothes again and put some of them in the box for storage.  I sorted out a few things that I’m thinking of taking with me on my trip and basically kept myself busy.

When F came home we decided to go out for dinner.  He even picked the place tonight and it was a good one.  He picked the place behind Pal.  We had a good meal there.  I had chicken cutlets and F had veggies and noodles in a starchy sauce.  I think he liked it.

We bought a few groceries on the way home and then settled in for the evening.  I watched Grey’s Anatomy from the couch and did a little crochet.  

F is off work tomorrow.  He’s going to be doing some running around in the morning and hopefully will go and see his doctor again.  His hand is still quite sore. I’m worried that it might be infected still inside.  I hope not, but you never know.  

Anyway, we have a few plans for tomorrow as it is our “big” anniversary.  We’ll have a nice dinner out, and perhaps a few other things as well.  Come on back and see what we get up to. Until tomorrow….

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