September 16, 2015

Wednesday - Sunny and Cool

A good day.

I got up this morning just as F was going out to his mother’s house.  He had to run some errands with her and then go to the doctor.  His hand has been bothering him quite a bit and I insisted he go and see his regular doctor if he couldn’t get in to see the doctor at the hospital again.  

I watched my show, drank some cold tea, read my blogs and then took a shower.  When F came home again, I was ready to go or stay or whatever!  

We had an early and quite yummy lunch at Subway in the mall.  I had coupons so it was nice and a little cheaper.  After that, we drove to Machi-Kine and went to see Pride, a British movie about what happened when a group of gays and lesbians started helping the striking miners in Thatcher’s Britain.  I loved it, F liked it I think, but not as much as I did.  

After the movie, F and I went to Doutors for an orzo latte each.  That was nice.  

We came home for a bit and then got ready to go out.  I wore a two piece skirt and top ensemble that I’ve had for years and rarely wore.  We took a taxi to the restaurant, Tsuzume.

We were shown in to a room upstairs and presented with the most amazing looking dinner.  It tasted pretty darn good too!  It was Japanese Kaiseki and we had a couple of drinks with dinner too.  My first one was non-alcoholic, my second was with alcohol.
When the "birdcage" was removed there were very nice dainty foods to eat.  There was tamagoyaki, a kind of sausage and a shrimp sushi.  There was a kind of custard and some kiku-chrysanthemum petals. 

Somen in a clear soup with a tofu square and fish wrapped around the noodles.

Sashimi on an ice boat.  Shrimp and tuna.

A fish croquette with some tempura.

Chawan-mushi with mushrooms and a meringue top.

An eggplant base with eggplant and pork in a miso sauce.  

Spanish Mackerel stew.  Really nice!

Miso soup and pickles.  Served with the Mackerel and the rice.

Rice that was cooked at the table.  I gave a little of it to F as I don't like rice that much.

Dessert!  Vanilla ice cream with mochi and a kinako sauce, blanc mange with a meringue on top and fruit millefeuille. Came with Hoji-cha.  

After we finished our meal, we decided to walk home.  I think it was a good choice, except I wasn’t wearing walking shoes, they were flat, but loose, and F kept walking faster and faster.  

At home, we watched a bit of TV and then F went to bed.  I did some crochet and darned in the ends too.  Yay me.  Then, I prepped the garbage for F to take out tomorrow morning.  The usual Wednesday night thing.  

It was a really nice way to celebrate our anniversary of our public ceremony…privately!  We didn’t do the gift exchange thing this year, but really, F has given me so much this year that I don’t feel slighted in the least.  

Come back tomorrow and see if I manage to get all of the many things I need to get done.  I may be leaving for Canada with no clothes in my suitcase!  That wouldn’t be very good.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Happy anniversary to you and F! A nice meal is a good way to celebrate a milestone, isn't it?

Dave and I have the walking thing, too. It's usually because his legs are so much longer than mine and he is in much better shape, so he goes faster and faster and I huff and puff trying to keep up--until I snap at him to be more mindful!

I hope F's hand is just residual stuff healing up and not another infection. Either way, you're right: He needs to get it looked at.

Helen said...

It really was a nice way to celebrate. I didn't know quite what to expect going in to the restaurant.

F's legs are much longer than mine too...he's a good 7 inches taller than I am. I'm in better shape these days, but my shoes really were slipping around on my feet. It was hard to keep them on.

F did go and get his hand checked out, with his usual doctor, not the surgeon. He will see the surgeon again next week. His doctor told him that his hand was doing fine so hopefully just residual healing.

Thanks for visiting today!