September 20, 2015

Sunday - Hot and Sunny- Gorgeous day.

A good day.

I got up rather late today. It’ll likely be the last time I get to sleep in for a while, so I felt I deserved it! When I got up, I had breakfast and read my blogs.  It was nice and relaxing.

When F came home from his mother’s I suggested going to lunch to Cafe Cinq, in the souvenir shop.  It was great.  We did go there and had a lovely meal.  I had grilled chicken, plus salad, rice, and a couple of eggy things.  It was lovely.  F had tomato curry and liked it. After we finished, I used the rather unique washroom in the souvenir shop.  Have a look at it!

Yes, this is a washroom!  Behind that tank is a very modern Japanese toilet, the kind that lifts the lid when you approach.  On the wall to the right, a broadcast of the fireworks in Tsuruoka.  Oh, and what's IN the tank?

Jellyfish!  Tsuruoka has a fairly famous aquarium that features many Jellyfish so why not?
F and I have been arguing about whether the jellyfish were real or not!

After lunch we started to get things done.  We went to the glasses place to ask them to tighten the screws on my glasses, then were going to go to the electronic store, but I realized that I’d taken my point card out of my handbag already.  We quickly came home and then went back to the store to pick up some ink for my printer.  

After that, we came home again and relaxed for a while.  

In the evening we went out for sushi.  Since my lunch was quite big, I only had a little bit of sushi.  We did have to wait quite a while to get in, but it was okay.  The sushi was good as always.

We went to Mr. Donuts afterwards where I didn’t have a doughnut, but did have tea.  F had the whole shebang, coffee with a doughnut.  I think he enjoyed it.  He didn’t talk much to me there.

We came home and were going to watch something on the DVR, but I couldn’t get the darn thing to work.  F tried too, but he couldn’t make it work either.  He started trying to watch a whole bunch of things which made me annoyed.  By clicking and trying to play them, he took the “new” sign off them and now it looks like we’ve watched them.  Grr.  He tried to get to the machine, but we had too much junk in the way so he threw a tanti and went to bed.  He came back when I’d cleared a path, but he still couldn’t make it work.  We may have filled up the disk, but that’s his fault.  I’ve asked him numerous times to take some of the stuff off and put it on a dvd for me and he’s never done it.  

I have a list of things that I want him to record for me while I’m away so I hope he figures it out soon.  

He found the  last half of The Poseidon Adventure so we watched that and I did a little crochet.  At 11 I went back to the couch for Project Runway and more crochet.  Unfortunately, I was mostly finished a square when the handle of my hook snapped.  Darn! I’ll have to run into the craft store and get another one as I planned to take it on my trip.  The project is for my sister.  She commissioned me to make something for her two years ago and I haven’t finished.  Of course, I just restarted it last week.

Anyway, tomorrow I have to go to the craft shop, then we’re having lunch with some friends and their children at F’s favourite “Farmer’s Restaurant”.  I’m looking forward to seeing people, but I’m not sure what else we’re going to do during the day.  Wish me luck and come on back and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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