September 27, 2015

Sunday - Cool and sunny, with warm moments

A great day.

I woke up just before my alarm this morning.  I took a shower right away and then got dressed.  I checked my email and my friend had said he was debating bringing his truck or his brand new to him smart car.  I was quite leery about riding in something so small on Alberta Highways, so was a little nervous about the whole proposition!

When he showed up a little late with his smart car I was nervous, but thought that I should give it a chance.  I got in the car and I was surprised at how roomy the car was inside.  We drove to Camrose, catching up along the way.

We had a great time at the Homecoming event.  We were both a little sad because neither or us saw any of our contemporaries, but it was lovely to see our College again and wander through the buildings and just see the changes since our 30 (!) years since we went there.  We had our brunch there and went to Chapel as well.  We ended the time there with some photos of us in front of the main building and a trip to the bookstore.  I got a t-shirt, which is something I never had when I was there as a student.

During the day, we were given a coin to commemorate our service as Resident Assistants.  I have read about other people receiving theirs so I was rather pleased and happy to get my coin.  It was special in all honesty.

We drove back to Beaumont in my friend's little car.  It was a wee bit scary but all in all not a bad experience.  He did say that he'd probably keep it for driving in the city after today, it was just that he received it yesterday!

When I got back to my sister's house I went in.  Everyone was home from Hockey and the Comic Con in the City.  My sister and her husband were working on dinner, so I changed a little and then joined everyone for dinner.  We had steak and baked potatoes and salad.  I don't get a lot of steak, and none at all that had been cooked outside on the barbecue so I was happy to have dinner today.

After dinner and clean up my brother-in-law went out and my sister, niece and I did face masks!  They did two of the ones I brought over from Japan, I did a mud pack of theirs.  We did have pictures but unfortunately I can't put pictures into this from here!  We looked quite frightful!

After that, and the cleaning off afterwards, we took a quick trip outside to see the lunar eclipse.  It was kind of neat, but it was cold outside so we didn't last out there very long!

When we came back in, I sat on the couch and basically fell asleep.  My sister chased me off to bed and  I went to bed but had the TV on.  I woke up a couple of hours later and got up and now I'm writing this.  I think I'll be going back to bed fairly soon.

No ideas what we're going to get up to tomorrow.  I'd like to go shopping again, but it doesn't matter if I can't!  Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow....

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