September 5, 2015

Saturday - Warm and partly cloudy

A good day.

I had a hard time dragging myself out of bed this morning.  F had gone to his mother’s and then come back and he was cheerful.  Not what I needed this morning!  Still, I did it and then threw myself in the shower, which is what I needed.  

F and I went out for sushi for lunch.  We went to Kintaro sushi and it was good.  It was busy, but not excessively so.  We had to wait for 10 minutes or so before we were seated.  

After our lunch we came home where I brushed my teeth thoroughly and then we headed out to my dentist’s office.  I’m not really sure what was the point of today’s visit.  They brushed my teeth for me.  Well, first they gave me some of the “spot the plaque” on my teeth, then I had to rinse and the woman brushed my teeth.  It’s a bit of an odd feeling having someone just brush my teeth for me!  The dentist did suggest quite nicely that I start getting my wisdom teeth out.  I have three left, two of which are growing in odd directions and might be “fun” to have taken out.  Yikes.

We had a drink at McDonald’s and then I think we came home for a bit.  I was tired and fell asleep over my computer if memory serves!

F suggested going to the Internet Cafe in the evening after he came back from his house.  He went off to take care of his mother and his dog.

When he came back, almost two hours had passed.  I thought we’d be going in early to the Internet Cafe, but it was 6 pm already.  Then, he wanted to have dinner first.  Me too actually.  I suggested a few places and he picked Nagomi, a Japanese udon and Soba and sushi restaurant.  It’s a bit of a “Mom and Pop” restaurant, the people who run it are nice, friendly and have never made me feel uncomfortable about not being Japanese…which is rarer than you might think!  

We went to Nagomi and had a nice meal.  I had 100% soba, and F had tempura don.  Strictly speaking, I had wanted something else too, but I didn’t have it.  

After dinner we drove to the Internet Cafe and parked the car and went in.  Unfortunately, the two parts that we were interested in were full already, so we left.  We talked about what to do and then F started driving.  He mentioned going to Sakata and I asked if he was going to go to the branch of the Internet Cafe there.  He said he was and I didn’t really believe him, but…that’s where we ended up.  They did have two massaging chairs available, so that took care of the rest of our evening!  

I watched an episode of Outlander that annoyed me, and the last episode of Hannibal season one. Oh, and The Late, Late Show with James Corden.  I think I liked Craig Ferguson better, but it is early days I suppose.  I also worked on my little hat and did a bit of a decreasing.  

A little after 11 I suggested to F that we come home.  It was late and we still had to drive home.  We stopped along the way for a drink from a convenience store and then came home.  F wasn’t feeling great so went to bed right away and I think I’m going to go soon.  I’m quite tired today.

That’s about it for me for today. It was an interesting one. I have no ideas at all what I’ll get up to tomorrow, so please come back later and find out!  Until tomorrow….    

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