September 6, 2015

Sunday - Rainy and cloudy and rainy

A good day.

I didn’t sleep too well this morning, I got up a few times in the night.  F didn’t wake up early so around 9:30 I asked if he’d go out to see his mum.  He tried to weasel out of it, but then went out.  I slept on.  

I got up a bit before 12 and made the bed.  F came home about 30 minutes later and we started talking about lunch.  We went to the big tonkatsu restaurant and after a bit of wait had a good lunch.  We both had tonkatsu and it was nice to have for a change.  

After lunch we went to the nearby Daiso in Co-op and I picked up a few things for my sister.  We went and had a drink after that at the nearby coffee shop Aurora.  I had a nice cup of tea, F’s coffee was good he said.  

We came home after and had a bit of a snooze and relaxing time. F went out in the evening to take his mother to see her mother in a nursing home/hospital.  They were gone for a while.  

F came home and then we went out for dinner.  Today we went to Gusto for a quick dinner.  I had a burger and shared an order of spinach with F.  He had noodles.  He didn’t really like them.

We bought some groceries at the store for tomorrow and Tuesday.  I’m going to make some soup tomorrow, I’ll probably use my slow cooker to do that. 

I did a bit of my knitting tonight.  I started using the double pointed knitting needles but I think I might have dropped a stitch.  Darn!  I hope I can sort it out later.  I haven’t knitted with them before though, so it is a bit hard. Oh well, learning curve!

That’s about it for my day.  I had a good one.  Tomorrow I make soup and if I have time I’ll go into the lobby of the apartment building and do some cleaning.  Come back and find out about my day!  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

It's amazing that F's grandmother is still around! Wow.

Must be something in the air--Dave and I slept in today, too. It's nice to have a lazy day from time to time, I think. It's a long weekend here because of Labor Day, so that's another opportunity to sleep in. Perfect!

Helen said...

His grandmother is about 98 years old...she is failing though, hence the hospital. This is Japan, where people live forever!

Enjoy your long weekend!