September 7, 2015

Monday - Rainy and cloudy

A busy day.

I got up this morning a little late and watched most of Burn Notice, the latest morning show. I like it, but this is a repeat of a repeat.  I read my blogs and decided to do a workout even though my foot was hurting this morning.  I put the two mile workout on, and thought that if my foot was sore I’d stop at the halfway point where there is a break in the workout.  Sadly, that’s what I ended up doing. And yet, I was on my feet for much of the day, but my foot was fine later on!

After my workout, I started making soup.  It turned out to be quite an involved affair, but that could just be me!  I made bacon and hakusai soup officially, but I’d really call it bacon and vegetable soup.  It was good!  I put it into my slow cooker so I could let it go.  I also had the idea to put a couple of hard boiled eggs in tonight’s salad so that there would be a bit of protein there too.  So, I boiled a few eggs too.

I did some laundry for myself and of course took down some of the dry stuff on the hanger.  I tried some of it on and decided that a few things would go in my box of no longer fitting clothes.  I kept a few things where I probably shouldn’t, but I really want something comfortable to wear around the apartment.  I have a pair of Japanese jeans, and while they fit me, they aren’t comfortable to relax in!  The denim hasn’t given yet and they are a little too form-fitting to be comfy. Anyway, some stuff went in the box, others didn’t.

F called around 5 to say he’d be late, so I had a bit of extra time.  I decided to go out and sweep the apartment lobby.  I did that after F had called to say that he was going to his mother’s first.  

I swept.  It was a bit tough to see the dust as the lights in the lobby aren’t great, but a few people saw me out there, so at least they know that I tried!  I’ll see if I can do it again this week.

F came home while I was out there, so when I finished I went into the apartment and washed my hands thoroughly and then started putting dinner together.  

I got F to cut the bread he’d made overnight so we had bacon and hakusai soup, salad with almonds and croutons and hard boiled eggs and homemade pain de compagne.  It was a pretty good meal if I say so myself!  And I do.  

F did the dishes and I relaxed for a bit.  Around 9 I went over to the couch for Gossip Girl and some knitting time, then after that I did a few Postcrossings.  I’m going to have to put my account on hold soon for my holiday.  Darn!

And that basically was my day.  Tomorrow it depends on the weather whether I’ll go out or not.  I am hoping to start packing a few things in my suitcase so I don’t have to wait until the bitter end to do it.  Things that I might need on my trip, like my bathing suit, that I won’t need here. (Probably! For the first time in ages, F asked if I wanted to go swimming last weekend!) I’d like to do some banking and perhaps some shopping too.  We’ll see how the weather is and how active I feel.  And then there’s still a huge pile of laundry by my bed that should get done soon.  Come back later and find out what I end up doing!  Until tomorrow….

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