October 11, 2015

Sunday - Cloudy in the morning, nice in the afternoon & evening

A mostly great weekend.

I went off on Friday evening with my friend.  We went shopping in Edmonton after we checked into our hotel.  We went over to Bonnie Doon Mall and found quite a lot of things on sale.  We each got a few things which is great.  We had dinner at Tony Roma's, I had a burger which was rather nice.

We went back to the hotel and went to sleep quite soon afterwards.

On Saturday, we got up and decided to go over to the Mayfield Common area.  We drove over there and got a tea and a muffin or a coffee and a biscuit on the way.  When we got there, we went into Penningtons and got down to the business of shopping.  We were there from 10 until 11:30!  We were supposed to meet a friend at 11:30 for lunch, but had to call her and ask her to wait a little longer for us! I did very, very well.  I got a fabulous outfit for a wedding that is coming up soon, and got all the pieces too.

We met up with our friend and we spent 3 hours together in the restaurant.  We had a great meal and a great time.  It was lovely to have the three of us together again as we were all in high school together.  It really was a special time and we got to renew our friendship and see that we are all still good people!

After lunch, we did a bit more shopping, less for me now than for my friend as she also had errands to run.  I did go to a store and get pantyhose as I had completely forgotten to get any!  We ran our purchases back to the hotel and decided what to do.  My friend suggested going to see a movie in IMAX/3D, so off we went.

We went to the Telus Space Sciences Center and got our tickets to Jurassic World.  I had seen it before, but my friend hadn't.  I didn't mind seeing it again, and I have always wanted to see a film in IMAX, so it was a treat.  It wasn't any more expensive than a normal movie in Japan!

We had a bite to eat at The Second Cup and then walked back to the theatre.  The movie was more fun the second time, and very cool in 3D!

After the movie we went back to the hotel.  When I checked my Facebook feed I discovered a post from a friend that said a man I knew from my college, my former boss to be precise, had just died.  I was stunned since I had seen him 2 weeks before and he looked fine.  When I messaged her she told me that the man had died of a massive heart attack on Friday.  I'm shocked and deeply saddened.  He was a big part of my life at Augustana and it had been so nice to see him again after all these years.

I had a fairly early evening that night too.

Today, we overslept a bit.  We were supposed to go swimming, but my friend needed to leave the city and take care of some family business, so we decided not to do it.  Instead, we tried to have breakfast after we checked out of the hotel but  the place was too busy.  We went to Tim Hortons for a quick breakfast instead.  She dropped me off at my sister's place a little ahead of schedule.  We hugged our goodbyes.

I came into the house, talked to my niece and then did a workout on the treadmill.  When my sister came home I had a little snack and then decided to go with her family to a neighbour's home for a  Thanksgiving dinner.

We had a fabulous dinner of venison, garlic potatoes, stuffing with sausage, carrots, and buns.  It was lovely.  The men talked and talked, especially about sports while most of the women either listened or rolled their eyes.  My sister and I and her kids left around 1 am, and her husband walked home soon afterwards.

And that was it.  I only have a couple of days left in Canada. The time seems to have gone by so quickly that I have a hard time understanding it! I have had a great time but I do miss my husband.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in Canada and Japan.  I hope that we'll all have a lovely day.  Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow....

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