October 17, 2015

Written October 18, morning...

I've been so completely jet-lagged that I go to bed early every night.  I have been back for a day and a half now, but haven't had much time to write. On the 17th, we went out to dinner and then I came home, brushed my teeth and went to bed.  It was before 10 pm! On the other hand, I've been waking up at 6 am and haven't been able to sleep much more.  I got up this morning before 8 after failing to catch a few more zzzzzs.  

The trip back was fine really.  I didn't have a boarding pass for my big flight to Haneda, but was okay for the Edmonton to Vancouver one.  I had to wait at the gate for the ANA staff to arrive and beg for a seat.  I asked very politely if I could have an aisle seat, the man told me the plane was full!  However, he came through for me, but it was a bulkhead seat.  Still, not too bad really. I had oodles of leg room, which being as short as I am, I didn't need!

I sat next to a young Canadian woman who irked me by asking if she could read my brand new just out of the plastic, had to go to three stores in the airport to find it Chatelaine.  I said no because I was going to read it, and then did for a bit.

I watched a few movies on the plane, Love and Mercy (The Barenaked Ladies song, Brian Wilson kept running through my head all through the movie), Inside Out (I dozed off a couple of times during it), Spy (howled myself silly) and Max Max:Fury Road(really wanted to see it again). They were entertaining.

Going through Immigration and Customs were a breeze, although I had to wait for a bit to get my suitcase.  Wasn't impressed by the handler of the "drug dog" though, who kept allowing the dog to rub up against many of the waiting people, including me.  I like dogs, just don't enjoy random dogs rubbing up against me.

I sent my very heavy bags off on baggage delivery and then checked into my hotel.  I had a lovely room, very far down the corridor.  It was also in the airport, so that was rather cool too.  I popped out to forage for dinner and had pasta at a cafe.  I bought a few munchies for the room, came back and watched the end of an NCIS episode and crashed!

Friday was fun.  I woke up around 6 again, took a bath and then a shower, then went for breakfast.  After breakfast I repacked my stuff, watched a little telly and then checked out.

I did some shopping(postcards of course!) in the international area, and then went over to the domestic terminal a bit early.  Good thing really.  I got to the check in machine and it told me to contact ground crew for my flight.  I got into a huge line, which thankfully moved quite quickly, and was given an aisle seat again for the trip home.  Yay!

I had lunch at West Park Cafe and had an avocado burger.  They have great burgers, they are grilled, unlike in most places here.  Their fries however, weren't that great, but they had a lovely sour pickle on the plate so I forgave them!

After lunch I went through security, grabbed an English Breakfast Tea Latte at Starbucks near my gate and sat and waited.  I had a great seat on the plane, and a great flight too.  Sometimes it gets bumpy near Shonai airport, but it didn't on Friday.

I had to wait a while for F when I arrived as he was still working.  However, he picked me up a little before 6 and we had a nice reunion.  We went to Kintaro Sushi for dinner....after three weeks of no sushi, it was lovely to have some again.

We went home and I was in bed before 11 pm I think!  F came to bed soon after but I was already asleep.

Saturday we waited for my suitcases to arrive, which they did just before 12.  F wanted lunch, I wanted to unpack and show him stuff.  He won.  Grr.

We had lunch in Amarume which was nice, but a bit expensive.  I even bought more postcards there.  They are cute ones though.

We came home for a bit, and then had dinner at the chicken restaurant in Tsuruoka near the river.  It was really good, but I was so tired!  We came home and I brushed my teeth and I think I was in bed by 10 pm.

I hope that I'm able to update more about today, but it depends on what we get up to today.  We might see a movie today or not, I'd like to, but I begged off of it yesterday as I was sure I'd fall asleep on it.

Come back later and find out all the interesting stuff that happens today!  Until later....

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