October 18, 2015

Sunday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I am still horribly jet lagged again, so I may fall asleep on this!  I woke up this morning at 6 and despite trying hard, wasn’t able to fall asleep again. I got up before 8 and F followed a little while later. 

I suggested going to McDonald’s for breakfast, so we did that!  It was rather fun.  I wouldn’t want to do it every day, but as a one off it was cool.  We both had the Big Breakfast set, so sausage, egg, English Muffin and a hash brown. Yum.

F had been talking about going to Very Berry Soup in Sakata for lunch so I emailed my friend to see if she was free to join us.  She was, so I took a shower and F visited his mother.  When he came back, I was about ready to leave, so off we went.

There was a festival in Sakata, but we found parking after a few minutes and went to the restaurant.  It was lined out the door and the manager was passing out menus.  She skipped me, but gave both the lady in front of me and my husband one, so I wasn’t too impressed.  I do read  quite a lot of Japanese so huh? We were told that the wait would be about 40 minutes for a table.  It was okay, we could see they were busy.  My friend and her son joined us.  We finally got a seat after we ordered and paid, but for some reason it took almost an hour for my tray to arrive.  Everyone else’s food took even longer.  We had no idea why it took so long, it was only soup and pasta for us.  

We walked around Sakata for a while afterwards, but the little boy was getting tired so we said goodbye to everyone and went our separate ways.

F and I went to the hundred yen shop in Marine 5. I got a few things which was cool.  We got a ticket for the car parkade.  When we drove out, it didn’t cost anything!  Yay for that.

We went to Mikawa and bought tickets to see The Intern.  After that, we had bibinba for dinner, which was nice.  When we went to see the movie, F told me he had already seen it!  He’d seen a movie last week but couldn’t remember it.  I enjoyed the movie, and F said he did this time too.  It was quite feminist and not at all what I thought it would be like.  

After the movie, we drove back to Tsuruoka.  We went to the grocery store and bought a few things for dinner and breakfasts for the next few days.  

Then, home!  I’m still up at midnight, which is a bit of an improvement, but I will be going to bed soon as I am very tired.

Today, I wore some of my new clothes including my black dress with the handkerchief hem and my brown leggings.  I put a fringed belt on top of that.  For the first time, I wore my Birkenstocks out of the house!  I bought them last year, and have never worn them outside before today.  They were surprisingly comfortable.  

Really, that was my day.  I’m not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  Hopefully, you’ll come back and find out.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Aren't you glad to be home again? I wonder which seems stranger to you, Canada or Japan!

Helen said...

Sure, I am glad to be home, but being away was nice too. It was lovely to understand everything around me for a change, hear good music on the radio, and not worry if I was committing some random cultural faux pas just by walking where I am!

I think, just by its nature, Japan will always seem stranger, even when I tip the balance and will have spent most of my life here!