October 19, 2015

Monday - Sunny but cool
Written October 20, 2015

I had a busy day.  In the morning I did some of the cleaning that hadn’t been done when I was away.  I did the toilet and the bathroom sink, swept the floor and then did a work out.  F popped home for a visit and then left again.  I was lounging on the couch for that, watching TV.  They’ve started putting more English TV on in the morning.  I did one of my new workout videos as well.  It was only 18 minutes of it, but it was pretty good and I had a nice sweat going by the end of it.  

I caught up on my computer stuff and also watched some of the TV that was on the DVR.  I caught the final Project Runway, hurray for that! I also watched an episode of Cathy and the Big C or whatever it is called.  

I had a late lunch of a cheese omelette done in the microwave.  It was good, but there was nothing to have with it, so it felt a little small.  

I wasn’t sure when F would be home, so I decided to do a little work in the kitchen.  I cleared off the cluttered table and washed a lot of the new dishes, the inside of the microwave, and put the dishes away.  I got the nabe out and washed that too for him to use later.  I needed to do quite a bit.  F hadn’t bothered to put a net filter in the drain thing, so all his ramen gunk was stuck to the drain.  I said a few not very nice things about him then.  I had to clean it all out again.  Grumble, grumble!

When he finally came home, the kitchen looked much better and he actually thanked me for doing it.  That’s practically unheard of around here!  He was cooking and made us a nabe.  It was a fairly simple one, we had hacksai, konnyaku noodles, tofu, and chicken nankotsu balls.  I had made him buy us a packaged soup, so it was nice!  

After dinner, I did the dishes again, and then went to my computer to print out a new crochet pattern.  Yep, one of F’s nieces is getting married this weekend and I am on the hook (ha!) for another doily.  I started it last night.  I had to re-start it because I tried with the wrong hook.  After this one is done, I’m going back to my sister’s table runner.  It’s looking quite good.  I managed to get quite a bit done while I was away.  
Around 10 I let F watch Japanese TV and I started to fall asleep.  I tried to blog, but one of my sites wasn’t working so I chucked it in and went to bed around 11 pm.  

Jet lag…can’t wait to get over it.  Hope it goes soon.  

And that was my day yesterday!  Come back later and find out how my Tuesday goes.  Until tomorrow….

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