October 7, 2015

Wednesday - Sunny and warm, cool at night

A good day.

Last night I wasn't feeling very well if you remember, so I didn't get a lot of sleep.  This morning I didn't want to get up, but did anyway.  I had some tea and a little later some breakfast.

In the morning I did about 45 minutes on the treadmill and then did a load of laundry.  I had lunch soon after that too.

I had a quiet day basically.  I helped my sister make some tomato sauce and later on the two of us went to the grocery store to pick up dinner.  Since the grocery store didn't have the lightbulbs she needed, we went to the hardware store where she got them and I got a wooden spoon and a spatula that I had wanted.  Yay.

We came back and heated up the pizzas we bought and had a spot of dinner.  It was very good! I had got a frozen pizza without tomato sauce and it was quite nice.  It was so nice that my sister and my niece said they'd get it again, without me!

In the evening I did some more laundry and helped my sister in her garden.  It was time for her to take out some of the plants and put them in the composting bins.  I helped with sweeping up leaves and also taking out the plants.  We worked for about 15 or 20 minutes outside.

In the evening we watched a little TV, I did a little crochet and we all went our separate ways around 11pm.  I was so tired, I could barely keep my eyes open.

I think I'll be going into the city again tomorrow.  I have a big department store that I'd like to check out and see if I can fill in a few wardrobe gaps for myself.  I will have an early start, so I had better say goodnight soon. I'll try and fill in my day later on.  Until tomorrow....

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