November 1, 2015

Sunday - Sunny and warmish

A good day.

This morning I woke up when F got up, around 7:00am or so.  Yikes.  I went back to sleep after he left because my alarm was set for 8 and it would wake me up, right.  Nope!  I woke up when F came back from his mother’s.  Oops, I was late. That said, I did get up, got dressed right away and was ready to go around 9 so not bad really.

We had a quick and yummy breakfast in Gusto.  I had the sandwich with a poached egg and ham plus salad.  It was good really.  

We drove off to Tendo today.  F needed to renew his license and I needed to start my Christmas/Birthday shopping so hurray for that.  There’s a big mall at Tendo that I had never been to before today.  In fact, I’m not even sure if I have spent any time in Tendo at all.  That changed today!

We had a nice lunch at the Gourmet World across from the mall.  It wasn’t busy, so really it was a good idea.  F left to go and do his license stuff, I left to go shopping.

I had a great time.  I went into the mall and did a lot of exploring and a bit of buying.  Okay, a lot of buying!  I can’t really say what I got, but I got things for my sister’s birthday present and a good start on my Christmas shopping.  I didn’t get anything for F, but he isn’t such a worry as I can get him something around here and I don’t have to send it to him.  

I stopped for a drink, I had a bubble tea which was nice and then went back to shopping.  When F joined me later, we did a little more shopping.  I went to Old Navy looking for things for my sister/niece/friend/nephew, but only found a belt for F, which he bought for himself and a wrap for me, which I bought for myself! It was cozy. We stopped for a tea at Starbucks, the same kind I had last week.  It was still quite delicious.  I told F to see if he could be transferred to Tendo!

We did a little more shopping and took our stuff to the car.  I left my jacket in the car and used my new wrap instead!  Yay.

We had dinner in a buffet restaurant.  It was really good, but they featured shabu-shabu or sukiyaki today and it wasn’t what I wanted.  I was hoping for a less meat filled meal because lunch was all meat.  We finished and wowed not to eat again.  

We came home after dinner, by the local roads.  F didn’t want to use the highway.  We made good time and got back to Tsuruoka around 9 pm. We bought a few groceries for tomorrow’s dinner and then came home.

That’s about it for our day.  It was really good and I’m pleased to have started my Christmas shopping already.  Hurray for that.  

I have a bit of a busy day planned for myself tomorrow.  I need to start cleaning up and finding places to put my new clothes from Canada and to cull a few things from my wardrobe again.  I’d also like to sort out my postcards.  Right now I have them in two boxes in no particular order.  I’d like to put them in rough groupings so that I can find the one I want, when I want it.  No idea what I’ll get done, so come back later and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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