November 13, 2015

Friday - Sunny but cool

A good day.

I woke up quite early this morning and got up.  I stayed up and snoozed a little on the couch.  I also got dressed quite early as I was expecting a delivery.  It arrived at a good time which was nice!

I decided not to do a workout today.  My hip has been bothering me, probably too many knee lifts in a row, so decided to take the day off.  I knew I’d be going out later on my bicycle, so swapped one kind of exercise for another.

I had a quiet morning and afternoon.  F didn’t come home for lunch again, and I had lunch around 2.  He came home just as I was getting ready for my lunch. He left soon though.  

I scanned my cards and got them ready to take out.  A little later, I jumped on my bike and went off. 

There was a humungous spider on the wall of the bike shed.  It looked a little sad and sick to be honest, it was moving very slowly.  I left it alone.  Here's the picture!

Argiope bruennichi or Wasp Spider
Not Charlotte...

I went to a Daiso and got a few things for Christmas and for myself, then biked off to a drugstore and got a few things for myself.  

I arrived home just before 5 and it was almost dark.  It is so sad, but I’m glad I went out.

F came home around 6 pm tonight and I got started on dinner then.  It was quite simple tonight.  We had a salad, one of the pre-packed ones from the store, but I added some locally grown wasabi greens to it.  Yum!  We also had some fresh fettuchini and Alfredo sauce, plus smoked duck. It got great reviews.

F did the dishes and then got working on something for work.  I built my list for Christmas cards for this year.  I was going to write my Christmas letter too, but got distracted and sleepy.  

Around 11:30 we had some of the persimmon crumble.  It’s still good.   I heated it in the microwave, F wanted it cold, but didn’t tell me till afterwards.  Sigh.  

That’s about it.  I’m hoping to go to bed soon as F wants to go and get the flu shot tomorrow morning bright and early…as in leaving the apartment before 9:00 am.  I am not exactly in favour of that, but I know that he has to take his mother to the dentist at 11 am, so it makes sense.  I should probably put my clothes out tonight for that so I don’t panic in the morning!  

Talk to you later as long as the flu shot doesn’t incapacitate me too much!  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Wow! What a beautiful spider. And that's a great picture, too. The winter freezes will come along and kill off many of the big, outdoor spiders, but hopefully she had the chance to stash an egg sac somewhere that will make it through to spring.

I'm torn about getting a flu shot. I haven't had one in years, but I probably need to start again. Sigh!

Helen said...

Thank you! I thought of you when I posted it. :-)

Because I have asthma and F works around children (peripherally) we both think it is worth it for us. Three years ago when the asthma started and I got pneumonia I was so sick, I just want to do all I can not to have that happen again. I realize that it may not work, but I'd rather be proactive for myself than kick myself later.

If you are generally healthy you may not need it. Something to think about and talk it over with your doctor.

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