November 14, 2015

Saturday - Rainy

I’ll start off with the big news.  There was a terrible attack on Paris today, at the moment the news reports state 120 people are dead and many people are injured.  I don’t know a lot of the details as I’ve been out all day and haven’t heard any English news.  I did try to follow the story on Japanese TV a bit, but they are too busy worrying how Japanese tourists will come home from dangerous Paris to be of much use to me.  

For me, it was a busy day.  I got up before 8:00 am which is neigh on unbelievable.  F and I went to his doctor this morning and had our flu shot.  Mine is quite red and hot as usual, F’s is a little red but not painful for him.  

When we finished at the doctor’s, I asked F to drive me to S-Mall so I could do a bit of shopping in the mall.  He dropped me off and then went to his mother’s home to take her to the dentist and shopping.

I got to spend the next 4 hours in S-Mall.  It is a very small mall, so it was a bit much, but I did spend a good hour or so in Doutors and that was nice.  I found a few things for Christmas and got them, I found a few things for me and got them too, so I was quite happy.  I picked up a box grater at the hundred yen shop, and a few things as presents too.  

When F was finally finished with his mother, he picked me up.  We’d missed all the lunch specials at the mall, so I suggested going to Coco Ichibancho Curry for lunch.  We went there and it was good.  I had curry with less rice and chicken and root vegetables. I also got scrambled eggs on that, which was yummy.  F had grilled chicken and curry.  

After lunch, we came home and F slept a lot on the couch, and I did a few things on my computer.  We left the apartment around 6 to go to Mikawa.

In Mikawa Mall, we had dinner at the pasta restaurant, and both had the same thing tonight, tuna and grated daikon on pasta with a yuzu soy sauce based sauce.  It is quite nice, light and filling.  

I shopped a little in Uniqlo and got some things for my nephew which F took to the car.  When he came back, we went up to the theatre and got our tickets for the movie.  

Tonight we saw The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and quite enjoyed it.  I liked the easy manner of the actors and that the music in the movie was easy to listen to.  It wasn’t ramped up hard rock or heavy metal.  My one and only thought during the film was that it seemed a little bit like White Collar and Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer could be related.  A scan through IMDb tells me that I’m not the only person to think that!  Apparently Matt Bomer was up for Superman at one point too.  

When the movie was over, we came back to Tsuruoka and home.  F went to bed quite early, and I made a list up of all the presents I have bought already and how much they are worth, so I know who I need to spend more money on and about how much!

I need to get some sleep soon.  I hope to sleep in tomorrow because I won’t get to sleep in next week.  Poor me!

Not sure what we’ll get up to later on.  F is not doing well with the weather and is in a lot of pain.  I’m not sure if we’ll go out or stay home for the most part.  You can come back on the morrow and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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