November 17, 2015

Tuesday - Sunny in the morning, rainy later on.

A good day.

I got up a little early this morning, and went to the couch to have my morning recline and not do much.  I spent a couple of hours there, but did get into my workout gear and also made the bed, had breakfast and tea.  I got some yummy tea in Banff called “Cream of Earl Grey” which I really like.  That’s what I had today.  

Around 11:30 I did some of my new walking DVD and ended up doing 40 minutes again.  It was quite good.  The warm up and cool down bits are 10 minutes each, I also did a fast walking one and a brisk walk in between.  My legs are going to be so shapely…someday!  (Actually they are already much better than they used to be.)

In the afternoon I had lunch a bit earlier than lately and did my computer stuff and scanned the cards I was sending.  I also wrote a letter to an ex-student from a long long time ago asking if she’d like to meet up for coffee when I’m in Sendai.  Apparently, she has moved there and since I’ll be in Sendai next month it might work out.  December is a hard month though because there are many bonnenkais (year end parties) so it gets tricky.

I ran off to the post office to mail everything and popped it all in the mailbox.  I went in and bought a grouping of stamps, they have new Winnie the Pooh stamps.  They are very small, but cute.

When I came home I got to work on dinner.  I was making a pork stew, so I did all the veggie prep first.  I finally was able to get things in the stew pan just a little before F came home.  I thickened it a bit just before serving, but I think I could have skipped that bit.

Tonight’s dinner was pork stew with F’s Pan de Campagne (type of bread that I love) that I had him make overnight, plus wasabi greens.  It was nice!  Really nice.  We have enough stew for tomorrow night too.  Yay!

F did the dishes, but there weren’t that many I think, because I did them as I went along mostly.  We finished up the persimmon crumble a bit later.  

We had a quiet evening.  F watched some weird movie about a female boxer that he’d recorded and then I watched Grey’s Anatomy and did some more crochet.  It’s looking quite good so far.  No peeking until I sew everything together.  

That’s about it.  It was a good but quiet day.  Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be bad so I’ll likely stay home again, but might actually do some tidying up.  That’s the hope at the moment.  Come back in a bit and see what happens.  Until tomorrow….

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