November 2, 2015

Monday - Rainy and cold

An okay day. I got up nice and early and came to the couch to do my thang.  I somehow ended up falling asleep on House though, I wasn’t too pleased with myself.  However, when I woke up, I made the bed and even got dressed in my workout clothes so that I could start working out fairly soon after my 10:30 show ended.  

I started early for me, but it was a little late.  I did two one-mile walks plus the warm up and cool down, so yay me.  However, F called me in the first one and came home during the second one.  Grrr.  He made himself ramen and I just kept on with what I was doing.  I was a bit frustrated with him always coming home in the middle of my workouts and told him off.  I apologized later and then had a little talk with myself.  After all, he can’t really change his lunch time, but I can change my workout time.  I’m not sure if I’ll really do it or not, but theoretically I could get up earlier and do my workout at 8 am or so.  The optimum word here being “theoretically”.  Or, I could skip House, since I’ve seen them all anyway and just do it then.  Things to ponder!

After F left, I did a little tidying up.  I didn’t get around to sorting my postcards yet, but I did clean up something that was in the way a lot.  I found places for my jackets and moved them out of the living room.  I have a few casual jackets, but there isn’t much storage space at all for them.  Sigh.  I put a couple by the door and another couple in the bedroom.  

I took a shower and then had my very late lunch.  I had instant pasta with some of the luncheon meat.  

For dinner tonight, we had guacamole again.  I made it with a bought spice mix, but we didn’t use all tortilla chips this time.  We finished the bag from last time, and used some frilly lettuce for some lower calorie noshing and some regular ripple style chips.  It worked out well.  I also did a few mini-tomatoes stuffed with guacamole, one of which F ended up dropping on the floor when he took his meal photos.  

Later on, F gave us each a persimmon and it was really nice.  I’m thinking about making something with some of the other ones we have.  I could maybe make a crumble or a cake.  I found a nice sounding recipe for muffins and another one for a persimmon loaf.  

I watched Gossip Girl tonight and did a couple of crochet squares for a project that a friend is supporting.  I’m just using cheap wool from the hundred yen shop and I am noticing how cheap it is.  The stuff is so splitty to work with.  Yuck.

Well, that’s about it for me.  Tomorrow is a national holiday so F is off work.  I think I have him talked into taking some laundry to the laundromat tomorrow, but I’m not sure!  Come back later and find out what we do.  Until tomorrow….

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