November 23, 2015

Monday - Rainy

A good day…a good weekend!

We got home tonight around 9:00 pm and had a great time overall.  

I bought a huge number of postcards, and found a couple of small gifts for Christmas.

Today was F’s birthday and it was quiet.  I wanted to buy him some cake, but he asked me not to. I was a tad disappointed, but realized that if I wasn’t feeling great, I wouldn’t want cake either.  We had a drink at Starbucks in Sakata before we came home.  

We went to Yurihonjo the first night, and visited Kakunodate on Sunday.  It is a town that still has many old original houses and was rather interesting.  We arrived in Akita last night and tried to go to a movie, but all the English films were on earlier in the day and we missed them.  Darn!  Instead we ended up at an izakaya and had a nice meal.  

Today, we checked out of the hotel and went to a couple of art museums.  They were good, but not great I’d say.  F wanted to go to them, so no worries.  We had lunch at a Japanese style restaurant, I had something called a “Palette Lunch” and it was good!  F had ramen with chicken and as usual didn’t really like it.  

My Palette was very nice!
Tonight we tried to find an old style Japanese restaurant in Sakata, but it closed a couple of years ago, so ended up at an Italian place.  It was good, but F cheaped out of the nicer meal and all we ended up with was a bowl of pasta and a drink.  I wasn’t too happy about that!  Still, it was good pasta, but I wanted a meal. He hadn’t read the menu properly and thought we got at least a salad with it.  I do not read Japanese perfectly, and realized that we wouldn’t get anything.  Sigh.  

We did Starbucks after dinner, he wouldn’t let me buy him cake and then we came home via the Mikawa mall as I needed a pit stop! 

The evening here was very quiet, but nice.  

That’s it, all you get!  Until tomorrow….

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