November 24, 2015

Tuesday - Cloudy and then sunny

An okay day.

F took today off work as he wasn’t feeling well.  He stayed home and in the afternoon he went to the doctor.  I’m getting ahead again. 

In the morning I got up and watched House.  F came home just before it started and of course claimed the couch.  It’s rather annoying actually.  I made some tea and had breakfast.

In the afternoon, I took a quick shower and then went out with F for lunch.   We went to Nagomi for soba or udon and tempura.  It was very nice.  We came home after lunch and F took a nap.  I woke him up after an hour and then we went out.  I asked him to drop me off at S-Mall, which he did, and then he went to the doctor.

I did a lot of looking around the mall.  I only bought a Christmas card in the end, but enjoyed being out of the apartment.  F picked me up and we came home.

At home, F basically fell asleep on the couch again and slept until almost 8:00pm.  I woke him up and made him take me for dinner!  I asked for Gusto, it is cheap and I thought we both could get food we liked.  I had some chicken, F had some yakisoba type stuff with oysters.  

We bought groceries after dinner and then came home.  I watched Grey’s Anatomy which was the episode with Derek.  It was quite well done and I was rather verklempt at the end of it.  I worked on my Christmas Tree project during the show too.  I’m still not finished, but I’m closer obviously!

That’s about it for me.  F is going back to work tomorrow, I hope he’ll be okay.  I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do.  I hope to do a workout and maybe get a start on my long delayed Christmas letter! Come back a bit later and see what happens.  Until tomorrow….

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