November 3, 2015

Tuesday - Rainy and cool

A goodish day.

I got up this morning at my usual time.  F was sitting on the couch using his computer at the time.  I thought he was going over to his mother’s today, but he didn’t go. We had breakfast and tea or coffee and I did a couple of loads of laundry while watching House and my other show.

When the laundry was done, F helped me strip the bed and we got ready to go out for lunch and laundry.

I suggested going to the Farmer’s Restaurant that he likes so much so he was quite happy about that.  We had a nice meal there, I had fish and pork and we both had tea and dessert afterwards.  We checked out our usual laundromat, but we weren’t able to use a lower heat on the dryer.  Oh dear.  The new sheets aren’t supposed to be dried at a high temperature.

We tried another place, one that isn’t convenient for anything around it and decided we might as well stay there.  I got the laundry that I had pre-washed at home in the dryer, and the other stuff we put in the washers.  We were there at the laundromat for a while, washing and drying our bedding.  We took a couple of breaks for the washroom but other than that were either reading or folding laundry.  Doing laundry with F is an experience that I don’t really enjoy.  We have such totally different ideas on how to do everything, including folding sheets that it isn’t much fun! Another thing is that we had to buy fabric softener sheets there.  Well, they came in packs of two.  We had a huge load in a dryer (a 34kg dryer) and he only wanted to put one of the sheets in.  Why? Wouldn’t it make sense to put them both in because a) BIG load and b) what the heck else are we going to do with the other one?  Keep it on the off chance we use this place again?  I don’t think so.

When everything was dry we came home and made the bed with our new bedding from Costco.  It looks nice, I hope it feels as nice to sleep in! 

F wanted to go to the Internet Cafe today, and I wanted to go to karaoke, so we decided to go and have dinner there too.  We were able to get a karaoke room so sang a few songs for an hour and a bit I think.  We switched over to the massaging chairs for a while.  I did a bit of crochet and watched a British detective show with Martin Shaw.  I enjoyed it, except the bit I fell asleep on!  

We came home via the grocery store tonight.  I’m going to cook for the next couple of nights, so that’ll be fun! Tomorrow night, chicken and swiss chard.  Yum. I hope! I do have plans for tomorrow too, in the afternoon, so please come on back and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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