November 4, 2015

Wednesday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I got up this morning when my alarm went off. I watched some of the news and also unpacked my two suitcases from my trip.  I haven’t put everything away completely yet, but I do have the suitcases empty.

I took a shower and got ready to go out.  My friend from the next city was going to meet me around noon.  When she arrived we discussed where to go and decided that I would take her to a new for her place, Cafe Studio Cinq in the new souvenir shop.  It looks out on the river and has a fairly nice menu.  

It was a good choice. We were given a seat near the window and ordered and then talked about anything and everything. It was great.  We had drinks too, I had an iced darjeeling tea, she had a coffee in a press.  

After we were finished we went for a walk around the river.  It was so nice outside.  We found the Miyuki-bashi and tried to name the three mountains that we could see from that point.  According to my husband tonight they were Mount Chokai (knew that one), Mt. Kinbo and Mt. Gassan.  The other two I wasn’t sure about.  My friend noticed a very old wooden building in the distance and asked if we could check it out.  It turned out to the Former Kazama Family residence so we took a tour of it.  My friend interpreted for me, so the whole thing was quite interesting!  There was a lot of things to see.  The home has been well preserved, but it is closed for winter soon, so our timing was great.  

We toured another building really quickly after that, and then walked back to the car.  We only had time to grab a conbini drink each and then my friend dropped me off at home.  

I relaxed for a while and when F came home around 6 started to get dinner underway.  I had a lot to do tonight, but it got done fairly easily.  I started with the swiss chard and used a new recipe on that.  I prepped the leaves and stems and left it for a while.  I peeled potatoes and got them on the boil and then prepped the chicken.  I just used a little coating from the supermarket on them, but I like to prep them early and let them marinate.  

Dinner was quite good.  The swiss chard recipe was good, the potatoes tasted nice and the chicken was yummy!

After dinner, F went to get kerosene, so I did the dishes and then spent time on my computer doing postcrossings.  

I did a bit of crochet later on and sewed in a bunch of ends.  I think I’m going to send off my squares soon as I don’t have a lot of time to make more of them.  

We had the rest of the guacamole tonight, with some chips I had bought today.  Yum.  I don’t suppose it was terribly healthy but oh well.

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring.  I might go out in the daytime and see a movie, or stay home and finish up a bunch of things for mailing.  Please come back in a while and find out what I get up to!  Until tomorrow….

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