November 6, 2015

Friday - Cloudy and cool

An okay day.

I was awakened at 7:15 this morning when F’s alarm clock blared out its noise.  F was long gone, but the living room light was still on.  I got up and saw that he hadn’t taken out the garbage either, so decided that I had better do it.  I took it out to the ‘gomi station’ and left it there, came back in and washed my hands and went back to bed.  

Of course, I overslept after that, and didn’t get up on time.  When I got up I couldn’t get the TV/DVR set up to work properly.  I assumed that F had done something to it before he left. I watched TV using just the TV and said a few choice words about my husband during the day. 

Around 11:30 I did a workout. I had planned for a two mile walk, but thought F might come home to annoy me and stopped after one.  He didn’t come home.  

In the afternoon I prepared my postcards for mailing. I also worked on a swap that I’m doing with a woman in another prefecture.  I thought about getting other stuff ready, but realized I didn’t have time.  

Around 4 pm I tried the TV and DVR combo again and it worked fine.  F didn’t do anything to it after all.  I had to take back all the mean things I thought.  

I biked off to the post office and mailed my postcards, plus a gotochi card.  I needed a stamp for that.  I bought some gotochi cards as well since I’ll need them for the swap I’m doing.  

When I came home I did a spot of vacuuming and then filled up the kerosene tank in the heater.  I was doing that when F came home.  As usual when we’re fighting, he didn’t talk to me.  

He offered me an apple pie thing, but lunch was big so I didn’t have the calories for it.  He cooked his own dinner which was of course ramen.  I waited a couple of hours and cooked some pasta for myself.  

He asked me a question later on and actually made a joke which was funny so I laughed.  We aren’t really talking though.  It’s a pain since we have a couple of things we have to do tomorrow.  I have to go to the dentist and go to the big mall to pick up my pants from the tailor.  

So, that was my day, such as it was.  I didn’t do many of the things I was hoping to, but did a few things so I guess that is a good thing? Come back later and find out how my day goes.  Until tomorrow….

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