December 1, 2015

Tuesday - Rainy and cloudy

An okay day.

I woke up late this morning, as in after my alarms.  Oops.  I felt like I was running the rest of the day.  I had my breakfast and some tea early on and then scrambled to get the bed made and my workout clothes on at a goodly time.

F came home on my workout and was his usual noisy self, so I stopped the dvd.  I hadn’t done this particular one before, so I needed to hear what was going on.   He was quite grumpy too and didn’t really even talk to me, so I’m not sure why he came home.

After he left I got on with some other stuff and then decided to do my workout.  I started all over again, even did the warm up again because it had been a while ago.  I did have a good workout and felt quite good about the whole thing.  Then, just as I was about to take a shower a bit later, F came home again.  He had some downtime and decided to come home.  ARGH.  It was so frustrating.  Finally, I just decided to take my shower.  It was a good thing for me.

When I finished, F had left.  I scrambled to get a few things done and then F called to say he was on his way to his mother’s.  

I rewashed some of the dishes from last night and then started washing our salad for tonight.  I made more coleslaw too.  When F came home he seemed a bit grumpy still but did come over for dinner.  We had the leftovers of the pulled chicken and they were still good.  I think the salad made a nice side dish with it and tonight’s coleslaw was delicious.  

After dinner, F did the dishes, I put things away and then finally got started on my Christmas cards.  I got 5 cards done, hopefully I’ll be able to mail them off tomorrow.  I am wondering about my Christmas letter and if I should bother with it.  I’ve already written it, but I’m actually thinking of making it smaller as my cards are tiny!

I did a bit of my mini-Christmas tree tonight too during Grey’s Anatomy.  It is going well.  I sewed it tonight, and have about half of the parts of one sewn.  I still have to sew them together though.  

And basically that was my day.  The weather is supposed to be decent tomorrow and then horrible for the next two days after that, so I might go off and get my hair cut if I have the chance.  I’m debating having lunch out too.  Come back in a bit and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow…. 


Rosa said...

Hi Helen--

Good on you for committing to that workout! Even when F is being an underfoot grump--lol! :) He's going to find coal in his stocking this x-mas if he doesn't straighten up.

I'm intrigued by this mini-Christmas tree. I have a hard time picturing it. Any pictures to come?

Helen said...

I like that! I should really give him some coal this year. He's been grumpy, but it is the weather hurting his neck/back. I should cut him some slack, but it is hard.

Yes, I keep meaning to take pictures...maybe I will tonight! Thanks for the reminder!