December 10, 2015

Thursday - Cool and clear, rainy at night

An okay day.

I woke up this morning before 7.  F got up and used the washroom and then I did.  As I came back to bed, I realized that I had a headache.  It wasn’t a hard painful one, more like someone had stuck a knife in my brain.  It didn’t hurt much, but it felt like something was there!  

When I got up later I had some tea and breakfast and watched House.  I didn’t get dressed when I normally do, so when the doorbell rang I was asleep and still in my pyjamas on the couch.  It was after 11, so I checked the door-cam…and it was a postal worker.  I told him I’d be a minute, hurridly got dressed and got my big box of Christmas stuff from my sister.Yay. 

I napped a little longer and never did a workout.  I just wasn’t feeling it today.  

In the afternoon I scanned some of my incoming cards and around 4:30 went to the post office to mail off my stuff.  I walked out considerably poorer, but a couple of smaller presents and all of my international Christmas cards are now on their way.  Hurray for that.  

When F called it was annoying because he uses an earpiece/microphone on his phone.  It seems to pick up all the ambient noise around him and channels it straight into my ear.  With a headache it wasn’t pleasant.  

We went out for dinner tonight.  We planned to go to his favourite fish restaurant, but there was no parking when we got there.  F suggested another restaurant that’s a little pricy, so I countered with Pisolino, the buffet Italian restaurant.  It costs about the same as the pricy place, it was closer and I had a 500 yen coupon for it.  We went there!

We each had a pasta dish…I had a pepperoncino with pork and yuzu kosho sauce, F had carbonara.  He had a pizza too, teriyaki chicken.  I did have a couple of smaller pieces of that.  I filled up my plate with salad and tried to avoid most fried food, but did have some carrot soup and then dessert.  I didn’t feel like I had too much food when I left, but F did.  I think he shouldn’t have had the carbonara with the pizza.  
 We bought groceries and then came home.  F is going to make nabe tomorrow night, a pork and chicken one.  I think it’ll be nice.  

We watched some TV, F watched Shameless with me, he laughed a bit at it, which surprised me because he has been avoiding it for years.  

And that’s it.  I still have that weird headache.  It’s not too bad now, but hopefully it’ll bugger off overnight. Come back later on and find out what happens.  Until tomorrow….

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