December 12, 2015

Saturday - Clear and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning quite early and stayed up.  I made the bed and as I did, noticed that F had come home again.  We had a mini squabble over when to go for lunch…I wanted to watch a travel show from the BBC first.  After that, we went out for lunch.

We had lunch at the Grand El Sun and it was nice.  We both had the pork lunch special.  After lunch I got F to ask about the Christmas Buffet…except he didn’t ask the waitress about the Buffet, he asked if we could have dinner there on the 23rd!  She took our info and then I finally got him to check that we were getting into the Buffet.  Of course we weren’t, the waitress thought we were making a reservation for dinner in the restaurant.  Ack.  We cancelled that and then went and did the real reserving for the buffet.  It’s expensive, but I’m not going to cook a huge meal for Christmas dinner this year so it will balance out a little.  

We came home and I printed out gift boxes for presents.  I was going to put them together when I noticed that my dental appointment was in 19 minutes.  Yikes.  I brushed my teeth and we headed off.  We got there with 3 minutes to spare!  I basically just had a bit of cleaning and another fluoride treatment.  I asked about my wisdom teeth and she said I didn’t need to bother unless they were bothering me.  Yay.

We went to S-Mall, put F’s watch in to get fixed, then I got a few things at the hundred yen shop.  After that, we picked up his watch and went to Doutors for some tea.  I had my Royal Soy Milk tea.  We came home after this.

F was hungry so made himself ramen, I wasn’t yet.  I put the gift boxes from earlier together and then it was time to go for dinner.

I suggested F’s favourite fish restaurant and we gave it a try.  It wasn’t as busy tonight, plus we were there early.  We went in and I had grilled fish and sashimi, F had chirashi sushi.  Our meal was really nice.  

After dinner I asked that we go to the drugstore, but on the way, the Gyomu Super was open so F asked if we should go there.  Yes!  We never manage to get there while they are open.  F didn’t have a lot of cash on him, so we couldn’t get too much, but we got some small frozen tortillas, some frozen raspberries, some chicken weiners, some quick cooking oatmeal from Canada and a few other things.  Yay!  There were tons of things that I could have bought if we had the fridge space.  

After that, we did go to the drugstore, and we bought a new cutting board!  The one we have been using is much too small, so this one is a bit bigger and should get a lot of use from both of us. 

We came home and watched The Italian Job, the original.  It was fun, but I think the remake was better! I had made some popcorn so we munched away during the movie.  I nearly fell asleep though.

And that’s about it.  I think it is time to get to bed.  I’m not sure what is going to happen tomorrow.  We don’t have any plans at this moment.  Come back later and find out what happens.  Until tomorrow….

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