December 13, 2015

Sunday - Mostly clear, a little drizzle now and then.

A good day!

I slept in this morning.  I didn’t get to sleep in at all last weekend, so decided to go for it today!  It was great.  I finally dragged myself out of bed around 12ish.  

F and I went out for lunch sometime around 1:30. We chose Jiro today, because it was our second choice last night and because we like it!  It’s run by an older couple and we often run into them in the grocery store.  I had chicken saute and F had the gratin set.  

After lunch, we talked about a few things to do, but didn’t really do anything.  We decided to just go home.  

At home we had a quiet afternoon and then F suggested going to the movie tonight.  I wasn’t fussed either way, but he said he wanted to see it.  Okay then!  As the movie was a late one and didn’t start until 8:45, I suggested having dinner first and then getting our groceries before seeing the movie.  Usually we go to the grocery store afterwards, but that would be really late.  F thought that my idea was good and that’s what we did.

We had a quick, cheerful, and fairly decent meal at Gusto tonight.  We both had the same thing.  Beef with grilled vegetables, rice and a small salad plus drink bar.  We both even liked it!  

We got groceries for tomorrow’s dinner.  I’m going to make fajitas with the new tortillas we got on Saturday.  I picked up the ingredients at the grocery store and then we came home and put them away.  We had about an hour before we had to leave for the movie, so we relaxed for a bit.

We left for the theatre and went to Machinaka-Kinema and saw Everest in 3D.  Surprisingly, they were showing it with subtitles rather than a dubbed version.  It was quite a gripping movie, even though I had a feeling it would end the way it did.  I’m glad that I have never been interested in climbing mountains!

We came home after the movie and had a quiet time before bed.  F set up the bread maker for a cranberry loaf which we’ll split with his mother, and I set up the DVR and made some tentative plans for myself for tomorrow to do a little last minute shopping. We’ll see how that goes!

And that is it.  It was a pretty terrific day. Low stress and low key.  F is a bit disappointed I think, but I’m not.  I like these kinds of days every now and then, recharges my batteries.  Come back later and find out what else happens.  Until tomorrow…. 


Rosa said...

I like low key days, too! They're fun from time to time.

I read a lot of books about the events covered in Everest, but I haven't gotten around to seeing the movie. It's at the dollar theaters here (well, the $2 theaters these days!) but I think I'll wait until it hits Netflix.

Helen said...

The scenery was gorgeous in the movie, so you might miss some of that on a TV, but the 3D part wasn't a big deal really.

I used to love going to the $2 theaters....I had forgotten about them!

Thanks for visiting :-)

ganbarofukushima said...

I remember when it all happpened....We were in Japan at that time. I read John Krakauer's book, but he was hardly in the movie. At the Sakata library, they have a National Geographic documentary on climbing Everest...shows how brutal it is and how the littlest thing will mess you up.

Helen said...

They didn't have a lot of John Krakauer in the film at all. I would be interested in what he wrote about the expedition, I should look that up! I know, just silly little things messed some people not meeting the 2:00 pm turnaround time.

Thanks for writing!