December 14, 2015

Monday - Clear and warmish

Was a good day, but not any more.

I got up early this morning, watched my show, ate breakfast and had some tea.  That was nice.  I decided to get moving a bit early today, so I made my bed and then started my workout much earlier than usual.  I also changed the tape and did a fairly difficult one using a fitness band.

I was nearing the end of the midsection of the tape when I heard the door open.  F had come home for lunch. Early. He had his lunch and then took off again. He had to take an early lunch today.  Okay, fine.

When it was time for my lunch later on, I went into the kitchen and was shocked.  He’d left it in a mess.  He’d just put his pan in the sink, left garbage all over the table and hadn’t said anything to me about it.  If he’d said he was in a hurry and apologized or anything, but there was nothing except a big mess.

I ate my lunch and watched a bit of TV.  Just after 4 I went out for a walk.  I walked to Kaneta, which is a nearby shop that sometimes, if you are careful, has great stuff for presents.  I spent an hour looking around the store, and I found a few things for my sister and my nephew, so I got them.  I walked home again.

F had said he’d be late tonight, so I putzed around, before getting the kitchen sorted out.  He phoned to say he was coming home and not going to his mother’s, so really he was home at the same time he usually was.  

Dinner prep was going well.  I was making fajitas, so I was slicing up tomatoes and washing lettuce for the salad on the side.  I had the meat marinating, and was almost done when I heard a really nasty sound.  F was sitting on the couch, scraping his foot with his pocket knife.  I was rather shocked and asked him to stop as it was dangerous.  

He got mad at me and when I asked if he was still going to have dinner with me said he wasn’t because it was taking too long.  I. Was. Nearly. Done. Prepping.  So, he tried to storm the kitchen to make his ramen, but I was in the way of course, because….almost ready to cook. He changed to making rice in the microwave and searched the fridge for something.  

I made myself the fajitas and they were really good.  He took a bath.  After I finished my cleanup I started to gather my things for Christmas wrapping.  I sat at the table and started to wrap presents for my family in Canada.  I told him that if he wanted to use the kitchen, he just had to ask me to move.  He said yes, but didn’t ask me.  Not knowing what that meant I continued.  

He went out, I guess to the grocery store and so I watched Gossip Girl, and wrapped a lot of presents.  Yay me.  He came back and I said again that if he wanted me to move he just had to ask.  He said yes, but didn’t ask me.  Next thing I know, he’s climbing over the island in the middle of the room so that he can use the kitchen.  I pointed out that it was dangerous, and not very good sanitation wise either.  We started yelling at each other and it was a bad scene.  He ended up eating some crap he’d bought at the grocery store and drinking a couple of beers.  Now he’s snoring away on the couch where he has been for the last 4 hours or so.  When I go to bed I think I’ll just leave him there.  

I have very nearly finished the wrapping.  I have done all of the Christmas stuff, but I also have to wrap my nephew’s birthday presents.  I send the birthday stuff in with the Christmas gifts since his birthday is in early January.  

So, if things don’t get better, I might take myself off somewhere for a night or two, so don’t miss me.  Or, miss me a little! Hopefully this’ll all blow over soon.  Until tomorrow….

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