December 16, 2015

Wednesday - Rainy

An okay day.

I got up this morning but I thought it was really early and I could go back to bed. Er…nope.  It was time for House.  So, I got up, watched it and had tea and breakfast.

I tried re-arranging the packages in my box, and I tried squishing the squishable ones.  Nope, still didn’t work.  I looked for a bigger box and managed to find one.  I transferred the packages and everything fit perfectly.  The problem was now I had to seal it and get to the post office.  In the rain.  I put the box in a clean garbage bag, covered the top with other plastic bags and made sure I had all I needed with me.  I took spare tape, a packing list in triplicate and a lot of money.  I didn’t need the spare tape! 

I’m a bit ahead of myself again.  During the day, I did some laundry, put away some laundry and then walked to the post office.  I got there just before 4:30.  I was able to send everything which really pleased me.  They took my box, my money and I took off back home again!

At home I hung up my last load of laundry and then had lunch.  Yes, after 5 pm.  

Lunch was the last of the fajitas and they were still yummy.  I put a bit of sriracha on them today…wow!

I relaxed a little at my computer and also got my books ready for a Secret Santa thing that I am doing.  I just have to send them tomorrow.  I did another Christmas card too, but this one was for inside Japan.  Yay.  

I was nearly finished when F came home.  I opened the door and was cheerful to him and it seemed to help.  He came in and asked if I wanted to have dinner.  I said I did.  He made himself a quick something so he could take some medicine first and then we went out for dinner.  

The first place we tried closed just as we got there, and then we went to the Nepal/Indian restaurant along the road from us.  Tonight we did something I’ve talked about for a while.  We just had a naan each and a curry.  Honestly, it was just what I wanted that late at night.  I had mild butter chicken and F tried a Chicken Kardai.  He had his medium spicy.  I tried a little and it was good, but too hot for me.  

After dinner, we made a fast trip to PAL shopping centre and we bought detergent in the drugstore and then went to the grocery store beside it.  I got stuff for two night’s dinners, completely forgetting that F is supposed to be away on Friday night.  Oh well.  I’ll do most of the veggies for tomorrow night I guess.  

We came home and I watched a bit of TV and went over to the couch to work on my little Christmas tree.  I didn’t do much, but I did a little. Yay me.  

And that’s about it.  I’m going to try cooking dinner tomorrow and if someone turns up his nose at it there is nothing I can do really.  It means there is more for me.  Come back in a bit and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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