December 17, 2015

Thursday - Clear with a bit of rain and maybe snow

A good day.

I got up this morning in time for the last episode of House.  It is the second time I have watched it, but I still don’t quite get it.  Will miss House on my telly though.

Had high plans of exercising, but didn’t.  I fell asleep and couldn’t wake up at all.  I kew that I’d be out later in the day so decided that I would walk it as much as I could.

F came home for lunch and I let him have the kitchen!  I watched 3 episodes of Agents of Shield and then took my shower.  After that I did some of my personal computer stuff and then it was time for the post office.  

I walked there, sent off my package and some cards, and joked with the post office lady about visiting there every day this week.  After I was done, I continued to the closest convenience store to get a quick something.  

I walked back to my apartment and had a very delayed lunch again.  After lunch I got a start on dinner and that’s what I was doing when F came home.

He was tired and in pain again tonight, but seemed happy to see me.  I was quite busy meanwhile.  I made two vegetable dishes, German potatoes and a sautéed eggplant dish.  I roasted some chicken in the toaster oven too, and we had a salad as well.  Everything was rather nice and we both enjoyed our meal.  F was quite complimentary about it.  

Afterwards I “let” F do the dishes.  If he hadn’t left dishes from lunchtime again, I most likely would have done them myself, but he did.  I did do some dishes later on as I found some he didn’t do.  

He went to bed fairly early but I’m still up.  I will be heading off to sleep soon though. We are forecast to have snow tonight so I’m a tad nervous about what the roads will be like tomorrow and if I can go out if I want.  

Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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