December 19, 2015

Saturday - Clear with a bit of rain.  Cool.

A good day.

I went to bed quite late last night and overslept this morning.  F wasn’t home yet, so it didn’t matter too much.  When he arrived, I did take a quick shower and soon afterwards we went out for lunch.

We went to his farmer’s restaurant that he likes so much.  It’s okay, but the service is not that great and honestly, the main dishes don’t change.  I think it is a bit boring now, but I don’t hate it and F is happy when I let him take me there so I’m okay with going there for now.

After our meal we stopped in at Voice Shopping Centre.  We went to the bit under the furniture store first and had a look around.  I got a few little things for a present and something for myself, then we looked around the second hand store.  They had some things that would almost do, but in the end we decided to leave the store.

We went over to Hard Off and we had more luck.  I found a lot of handbags that were close to what I wanted, but finally I found a light silver one and got that.  I think it’ll match my nice dress and the accessories that I have with it.  The best part is that it was under one thousand yen! We also got a couple of small bowls to go in the kitchen. A couple of our staple bowls have been broken recently and I wanted replacements.  

F dropped me off at home after this and he went off to his mother’s house.  I relaxed, caught up a little on the DVR and then F came home.  We left almost immediately for the mall.

At the Mall we did a little looking around.  F keeps asking me what I want, but I have already told him and I can’t get it in the mall.  I tried to ask him what he wanted, but he kept suggesting things for himself that he wasn’t completely sure of the sizes for so I refused!  Finally I got him to wander off on me and I did some shopping alone.  I hope that what I got him will fit, but I think it will.  Also, I went boring but practical, so hope that’ll work out for him!

I put my shopping in the car and then we had dinner at the pasta place in the mall.  I had a grilled chicken with grated daikon pasta, and F had tarako pasta.  Both dishes were good.  We still had oodles of time before our movie so we went to Seattle’s Best and each had a drink.  I was a bit bad and had a hot chocolate, F had a Java Kula with chocolate and hot pepper. Neither of us would have our drinks again!

We went upstairs and waited in the lobby of the theater for them to open the theater for us.  We got into the concession line just as they did and got our popcorn and drinks for the show.  What did we see?  Star Wars of course!  I really enjoyed it.  It was wonderful to see the old cast and the new cast was really good.  I thought the film was excellent and I loved it.  

After the movie, F and I drove home to Tsuruoka.  A few hours ago F said he was going to bed, but he took a snooze on the couch and is still up! He woke up a while ago and seems energetic again.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do tomorrow.  We might do more shopping or we might just take things easy.  Come back later and find out what we get up to. Until tomorrow….


wespeakjapaneseandenglish said...

I am so glad to hear you enjoyed Star Wars. We already have the tickets. Just deciding what day to go. Have a nice Sunday. Ami

Helen said...

I loved it! It was a lot of fun to see the Star Wars world again.