December 2, 2015

Wednesday - Cloudy but clear

A good day.

I got up on time this morning, came through to the living room and had breakfast and tea.  I was quite tired so had a bit of a hard time staying awake.  During my second show of the morning I’m afraid I didn’t stay awake at all!  Not a great show then.

I got up, dressed and made the bed a bit later.  F called me to see if I was working out as he wanted to come home for lunch.  I guess that was nice of him, but I felt a bit sad that he wouldn’t come if I was working out.  I decided not to work out today because I was going to go out.

F did come home and had his lunch and then took off and went back to work.  I did some stuff on line and then went out.

I went via the post office and mailed off my first Christmas cards of the season.  Then, I biked to my hairdresser’s salon.  I got there and the lights were on, but no one was there.  I “Sumimasen’ed” a few times and finally her mother appeared.  It turns out that my stylist had a school function to go to.  The mother called her and she came back!  I felt really bad about that, but then I remembered that many of my friends with kids say school events are really boring so maybe she wanted to leave??  

Anyway, the upshot is that I was able to get my hair cut.  I’ve got a quite short pixie again and I love it!  I also got a calendar from my hairdresser so I’ll be able to hang that up soon.  

After we were done at the salon, I went off to the Mall and had a short hack around.  I also had a Subway sandwich and then bought a few things for my trip in the grocery store.  I just got a few snacks for the bus in case I get hungry.  

I biked home in the dark.  I was quite careful.  I got home and a little while later, F came home too.  He wanted to have dinner fairly quickly so we talked about where to go.  He suggested a place I don’t like much and then remembered a new Chinese restaurant.  I am always up for a new place, so off we went.  We arrived there and then F realized he didn’t have his wallet!  Luckily, I had money today, so I paid for dinner.  

The new place was quite good.  F had ramen and a pork dish, I had a different one, plus soup and rice.  We shared our dishes and an order of gyoza and were a little too full afterwards!  It was good though.

We bought groceries and then came home.  I’m going to cook for the next couple of nights.

I did some work on my little Christmas trees tonight.  I’m nearly ready to sew one of them together, so that’s a bit exciting.  I also took pictures, so that this will make some sense to my readers!

The tree on the left has the folds sewn in, I just have to join the tiers together.  I haven't done that to the right sided ones.  I have basically decided to leave off the top tier as well.  It looks better without it.  

The right-most tree is one I made last year out of yarn and beads.  I like it, but I kind of like my thread ones more! Too bad I plan to give them away.

F went to bed a little while ago and I’m up blogging and watching YouTube.  When I was in Canada I asked my niece to send me a list of 10 songs a month that I should hear because I never hear new music here.  She sent me the list when we were in Akita and I’m only now getting around to listening to the songs she picked.  So far, I’ve liked all of them!

Well, tomorrow, I hope to get more cards ready to go out.  I might be able to pack a little or I might run to the post office and the bank, it depends on the weather.  

Come back in a bit and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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