December 21, 2015

Monday - Rainy 

Another bad day.

I got up at a goodly time this morning, filled up the kerosene tank too.  I settled in with my computer for Numbers.  It’s a good show, but it isn’t House.

F popped by for something. I don’t know why.

I did my workout fairly early this morning.  I had planned to do 40 minutes, but ended up doing 30 instead.  My leg was not exactly stiff, but not happy and I didn’t want to push it too far.

I tuned into Agents of Shield and F came home to eat lunch.  He barely talked to me, but seemed okay.

In the afternoon I had my lunch that I bought at Subway yesterday…yum…then did some computer stuff.  I headed out to the post office a little early too.  I wanted to make a deposit of some of my coins and then do a transfer.  I had a good walk there and back and then came home.

I didn’t know when F would come home and so I decided to get a few dinner things underway.  I went into the kitchen and was just starting to wash dishes and put things together when he called to say he was on his way home from his mother’s.  He hadn’t told me he was finished work, so I was quite behind.  

When he arrived he seemed to be in a bad mood.  I asked him how he was and he said he was tired.  I quickly got the cauliflower into the oven to roast and after asking him for an opinion on how long the fish would take to grill, opened the fish grill.  Unfortunately, I discovered that the last time it was used (not by me) it hadn’t been cleaned out at all, and it looked like it hadn’t had any water put in the bottom either.  It was rancid.  I took it out of the stove and put it in the water.  I scrubbed and scrubbed.  The smell was turning my stomach.  I didn’t notice it before.  I have a very odd sense of smell and don’t notice a lot of bad smells. 

I finally got the damn thing clean and put both water in the tray and the fish on top.  

When I told F that dinner was ready he was weird and decided that I was cranky and he wouldn’t eat with me.  I told him about the filthy fish grill and he told me it would only take 5 minutes to clean it up.  The point for me is that it should never have been left like that.  I do not cook fish as a general rule, why would I clean it? It took more than 5 minutes to clean, plus I couldn’t even look at the fish I cooked.  

F wouldn’t eat with me, I wouldn’t eat the fish.  After I ate my roast cauliflower, salad and mushrooms and bacon, I did the dishes.  All the dishes, including the fish grill.  I was going to throw out the fish, but didn’t.  I thought about leaving it on the table, but didn’t do that either.  I wrapped it and put it in the fridge, but I probably should have chucked it.  I don’t want it.

We had a very quiet and unfriendly night.  I went to the bedroom for a while and tried to sleep but couldn’t.  I got up and asked for the TV for an hour which I got.

That’s about it. I did a bit of postcrossing tonight, plus I’m doing a swap with another postcrosser in Japan. I also made myself some oatmeal later on.  The cool thing is that I read the directions in Japanese on the package.  They have stovetop instructions in English, but microwave ones in Japanese. I figured it out all by myself.  Yay me.  And it was good!

I’m not sure what is going to happen tomorrow. We are supposed to have our Christmas dinner tomorrow night at the Grand El Sun.  I spent an hour tonight finding something to wear for it, but I really don’t want to go anymore.  If I don’t he’ll be even more upset.  Sigh.  I really don’t feel very Christmassy at all.  Come back later and find out all about my day. Until tomorrow….

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