December 23, 2015

Wednesday - Clear and warmish

A good day!

We both slept in a bit this morning.  I slept in fairly late, getting up sometime around 11 I think.  Still it was nice to sleep in.  

F started in on me about where did I want to eat and what did I want to do today.  I suggested going to Bikkuri Donkey for lunch and then the Oyama Nature Centre, which F promptly ignored.  He mentioned wanting to go to the evil Sakata Port restaurant so I told him he could go.  I had also suggested going to the new Very-Berry Soup company restaurant in Sakata, but he didn’t want to go there.  So, I said why don’t we each go where we want?  That seemed to work!

We drove to Sakata and F dropped me off at the soup place.  I went in and had a very nice meal of soup, salad and bun.  I honestly really enjoyed it.  Last time we were there it took ages to get our food and it was really busy.  Today it was busy, but my food came quite quickly and I had a nice table near the window so I could watch the street.  And, the soup was good!  Yay!  When I finished I texted F.  I was hoping that I’d have time to go to the big department store across the street to shop, but F was also done.  He said he’d drive by and pick me up.  He did so.

My Very-Berry Soup Lunch...Double set plus drink. I had salmon cream stew plus vegetable/consomme soup, salad and a bun.  Very reasonable and very delicious!

We then drove off to the Salmon Trap.  It’s a place out in the boonies where salmon come to spawn or get caught in a trap.  After that, I’m afraid they are dried for food. We decided to follow a trail that we didn’t the last time we were there because it was nearly dark.  There was a lovely little pond in the woods, plus a shrine and some gorgeous views along the way.  We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere because we ended up walking for miles, but it was quite enjoyable.  

I half thought there'd be a maiden with a sword in the middle of the pond. Disappointingly, there wasn't.

Big old tree next to the shrine.

Mt. Chokai under, not so much!

We drove back to Sakata and at my request had a beverage in Starbucks.  That was lovely.  After that, we drove to the Mikawa Mall for F to get something for work and I ended up getting another circular knitting needle, but a smaller gauge than I’ve had before.  

We drove back to Tsuruoka and ran a few errands.  We picked up a sushi brochure for our New Years day lunch, then got gas for the car.  We went to Cocos for dinner and had a nice dinner despite neither of us really planning to go there!  We had the same thing, a roast chicken leg with a side salad and the drink bar.  We shared one of their Christmas Mud Pie desserts, and it was nice too.

We got a few groceries.  Nothing much for tomorrow, but a few nibble-y things for Christmas Day.  At dinner I gave F the option of me going to Subway and picking us up a couple of sandwiches for dinner or getting in some cold cuts for sandwiches and nice cheeses for a cheese plate.  He chose the latter, so we bought a bit of cheese and some sliced meat and smoked salmon.  We’ll still have the Christmas Pudding afterwards, so I got some cream to whip.  

We then came home and I printed out a few nengajo.  I tried to help F fix his printer (because it used to be my printer) but he’s really messed it up.   I couldn’t get it to work.  I wrote up one nengajo and that was while I was watching Scandal.  It was good today.  I also tried to get F’s computer to connect to my printer (we’re a two printer family) but since his computer is Japanese and I don’t read Japanese well, it was too confusing for an on the fly operation.  

Anyway, today turned out rather well.  I’m hoping that the rest of the week goes well too.  I have a lunch date tomorrow and then Friday is Christmas.  I’m hoping all goes well for the next couple of days.

Come back later and find out how our Christmas Eve goes.  Until tomorrow….

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