December 24, 2015

Thursday - Clear and sunny - beautiful day.

A mostly good day.

I was rather busy this morning.  I got up at my time and then wandered around the apartment until I decided to take a shower.   I took one and then got dressed in a casual outfit.  My friend in Sakata was coming to meet me, but I wasn’t entirely sure when that would be.

I watched an episode of Under the Dome while I waited and did some of my computer stuff as well.  Soon she arrived and I went out to meet her.

We discussed where to go and we ended up trying a new place for her, Jour Faste.  We were a little too early and had to kill a bit of time, but the weather was lovely and the walking was nice so it wasn’t a big deal.  When we could go in, we both had pasta.  I had Japanese mushroom pasta and she had oyster cream pasta.  They both looked good, mine was very nice.  We had salad, dessert and coffee or tea with our meal, which we both enjoyed.  

After our lunch we did a little shopping in the nearby grocery store and then went for a drive.  We had hoped to go to the ocean, but unfortunately time was running out on us and she had to go. She dropped me off at home and then went off to her city.

I went into the apartment and decided to check out the internet first.  It was still there, so I checked on how to fix F’s printer and then got stuck on that.  I changed out of my nice shirt, grabbed a big flashlight and then plugged in the printer to see what the message was.  When I googled it, I found a page that told me how to fix it.  I shone the flashlight into the bowels of the printer and saw a cord that I didn’t remember seeing before.  I tugged on it gently and it came out.  Of course I covered one of my fingers with ink, but no worries.  The cord was some kind of decoration from a package.  It must have fallen in the back of F’s printer and then lodged in when he put paper in after it. Oh, and I should mention that of course, I turned off the printer and unplugged it for good measure, before I stuck my hand into it.   

It seems to work now, so that’s a good thing.  Yay me.  

When F came home I told him about the printer and he was happy. He asked about dinner and I suggested going to the grocery store for something. Now, stupid me thought that we’d get something to share.   Right now they have lovely trays of food that we could have a little bit of many kinds of food and it would all be quite Christmassy.  He announced he wanted fish.  Of course he did.  I didn’t.   Then, he said, “Oh, I’ll just eat the fish you cooked on Monday.” I shook my head and had to confess that I had thrown it away.  So, he’ll eat the fish I cooked 3 days after I cooked it, but not on the day I cooked it? 

I ended up with a little chicken steak thing and a bag of cabbage salad.  I tried to get him interested in having a fruit plate, but he only wanted grapes and I am not a fan.  I was quite depressed and upset when we finished in the grocery store.  Not a very nice or Christmassy meal at all.

Came home and I stupidly told him to make his food first, not realizing that he was actually going to cook noodles and really take his time about it.  I didn’t eat until sometime after 8 and I was starving. 

I heated up my food, finished off the cauliflower from Monday and eventually did enjoy my meal.  

Later in the evening I served us both some decaf tea and some of the fruit cake he’d bought a few weeks ago.  It was nice.  I was watching Bones, the wedding episode and of course F had to blab all through it.  I ignored him as much as I could.  

I wrote a bunch of my nengajo tonight. I’ve done more than 10 which is a good thing as they are supposed to go out tomorrow!

Anyway, tomorrow is our not so big Christmas day here.  I know I need to lower my expectations and just accept that the day is going to suck, but it really is hard.  I’m not going to cook at all, but I am going to put out some food on the table for us. Let’s hope that doesn’t go to pot!  Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Hopefully your Christmas turned out much better than your Christmas eve! If nothing else, there are pressies to look forward to, right?

Helen said...

There were some lovely presents and the day wasn't all bad! You will find out more later!