December 25, 2015

Friday - Rainy and cloudy

Merry Christmas!

A disappointing day.

I got up quite early this morning, came through to the living room and watched some TV.  I did have some tea and my breakfast, but I had it a bit later than usual.  I dozed off in the middle of the morning and was late making the bed and didn’t work out at all.  

F came home for lunch, just a couple of minutes after I’d left the couch.  He brought a bento for himself, but did bring me an instant soup cup, which was sweet of him.  He stayed for a bit and then left.  

After he left, I did a work out.  I did the lower and upper body one so worked quite hard!  After that, I did a few internet things.  

Somewhere in the afternoon I managed to mess up the DVR again.  We can get sound, but not picture.  I don’t think it really is me, but I have no idea how to fix it. 

F called to say he was on his way to his mother’s so I started getting ready for our dinner.  I had the cheese out already, but I added the cold meats and the salad too.  He didn’t actually show up for more than an hour and a half though.  Sigh. 

He came and ate, but complained about not feeling well.  He spent some time in the bedroom when he first came home, then joined me when I started to eat without him.  

We had a nice, simple dinner of cold cuts, cheeses and salad.  We could have sandwiches or cheese on crackers and everything was nice.  

F put on skating on TV to watch.  I wasn’t really pleased about that.  I had Christmas music on for a while, but when the DVD player started to skip I took it off.  He didn’t/couldn’t fix the DVR player so left it.

We opened presents after dinner.  I had done the dishes really quickly after I put everything away.  Then, we opened presents.  We did very well.  I had given F really practical things like socks, underwear and pyjamas, he gave me the iPod I had asked for.  I was with him when he bought it, so I knew what I was getting.  My friend in Canada sent a new swimsuit and a pair of leggings, my sister sent some workout stuff, cereal and to my husband a few Edmonton Oilers things!  I think he was as always, surprised.

By 9:30 or so, F was back in bed.  He’s slept ever since.  I understand that he isn’t feeling well, so I’m trying not to be annoyed with him, but I can’t help feeling disappointed as usual.  We didn’t even get to have our Christmas Pudding.  

I watched a bit of TV and have messed around on my computer for a bit. I had to figure out my iPod too, but that is done and it is working well.  Hurray for that.  

So that was my lonely, quiet little Christmas.  I hope F isn’t sick, I really do.  I am so behind the things I need to do. I haven’t sent my nengajo, I haven’t finished them all yet.  I haven’t started my Journal column yet and I need to get that done very soon.  Ack.

Oh well…Come back later and see how my Boxing Day goes.  Until tomorrow!


Gaijin Wife said...

Belated Christmas greetings Helen. Christmas in Japan can such monkey nuts some times. I purposefully invited another family over for dinner just so I could have some wine and chat with another woman! Good luck with the Nengajo. We had several heated 'discussions' again this year about ours but they finally got in the mail first thing this morning. xxx

Helen said...

Thank you so much! Yes, Christmas is not my favourite time of year in is in Canada where people are happy but stressed.

I've since got all my nengajo done, he hasn't done any despite him telling me that he was going to send some this year. I think he plans to send some back after he gets then at New Year. I hope no one thinks that was MY idea!

Merry Christmas to you too...and Happy New Year....