December 26, 2015

Saturday - Boxing Day - Rainy, Snow in the morning

A good day!

I got up a bit late this morning.   F was out at the doctor or the dentist with his mother.  I tried the DVR and it worked, so the problem couldn’t have been too severe.  Yay.  I took a shower, got dressed and debated with myself over whether I should have breakfast or not.  I decided not, but did have a couple of sweet biscuits and a cup of tea.  Yum.  I worked on my nengajo this morning and got most of them done.  Yay me.

F didn’t get home until two-ish.  He’d been at the doctor.  I was quite hungry so asked that we go out for lunch.  I was in the mood for Bikkuri Donkey, so off we went.  We both had the same thing, a spicy tofu/hamburg/udon nabe and shared a salad.  It was quite nice.

After lunch, F wanted to get his hair cut, so I asked to be let out at S-Mall for a bit of shopping. Once in the mall, I wandered around and bought a few things including a new box for my postcards.  That’ll make 3 of them.  Which is actually 2 too many in my opinion!  I wandered a bit more and then decided to just go and have some tea in Doutors.  While I was waiting for my tea at the counter, F found me.  

I handed over my card and he ordered something for himself, so we had a nice break together.  He got his hair cut quite short. It’s longer on the top but very short on the sides, it looks like it’s been shaved there.  It’s okay actually.

We discussed what to do next and decided to go home for a bit.  We did that.  I got the remnants of last night’s dinner out and we had them for tonight’s dinner.  It was very nice really.  

A little before 8 we drove over to Machinaka Kinema and saw The Monument Men.  It was very enjoyable.  I think George Clooney could be a very good director.  The story was good and it wasn’t a huge special effects extravaganza. Of course, it was based on a true story, probably quite loosely based, but we both enjoyed it.

We came home after the movie and after a few minutes, I decided that I was darn well going to bake some scones.  I’d seen a recipe in one of my groups recently and it was supposed to be very good.  I made it, and it was.  I’d like to make it again because my baking powder was expired.  It did work a bit because I tested it, but I’m not sure how much it was supposed to rise normally!  

Yummy scones.  No longer in existance.

The inside. Add a little jam or butter and they magically disappear.
F and I had a midnight feast of fresh scones and butter and jam with some tea on the side.  Yum.  I put half of the batch in the freezer to bake another time.  I watched most of Under the Gunn and enjoyed that too.  

I’m now yawning away and would like to get to bed soon.  After all the bad days that I’ve had lately, it was so nice to have a good one!  

Tomorrow we don’t have any plans, which is a bit scary.  Hopefully it’ll be okay.  Come back a bit later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow…. 

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