December 3, 2015

Thursday - Rainy with thunder

A good, busy day.

This morning I overslept.  I knew it would probably happen as I woke up around 8 and then went back to bed until my alarms went off.  I woke up an hour later.  Sigh.  

I got up, made tea, had breakfast, the usual.  I did a bit of housekeeping today too, lovely things like cleaning the toilet…oh joy.  Still, it had to be done.

I did a 40 minute workout today.  I’ll likely do a less strenuous one tomorrow, but I did quite well for today I think.  I had lunch early on and then did my computer stuff.  I was supposed to go to the post office to mail my Christmas Cards, but it started to rain, so I didn’t go. 

Broadchurch was on again today, so I watched the last episode of the first season and the first episode of the second.  I have set up the DVR for the rest.  Hopefully I’ll be able to watch tomorrow’s episode, but you never know.  

F told me that he was finished work, so I started on the dinner prep.  Tonight I did a couple of different veggie dishes.  We had broccoli with a sesame dressing and also fried cabbage.  That one had some bacon and onion in it too.  Both received praise and I think I’ll make again.  I also did garlic pork, so earlier in the day I had to marinate the pork.  

Dinner turned out quite well.  F didn’t make me wait before he came over and even though he didn’t eat a lot, he seemed to enjoy and appreciate it, so that was nice.  Sometimes F “accuses” me of only cooking meat, but we had salad, broccoli, and cabbage on the plate too, so I think he’s wrong about that.

I did the dishes because F was in bad condition again and I didn’t think there was that many.  I could have let him, but lately when he does them, I end up re-doing a bunch of them as he doesn’t seem to see the dirt on the dishes that I do!

We had a fairly quiet and nice evening.  I went over to the couch and sewed one tree together.  Now I have to make a few baubles for it and a tree trunk.  I also have to sew the other tree together too.  I pressed the first one into shape with the iron first, I might do that with this one too.  

Tomorrow I have to pack my suitcase and make sure that I have everything I need with me.  If the weather allows, I’d like to run out and mail my Christmas cards and possibly run to the drugstore or something.  

I will most likely write tomorrow night, but in case something comes up, I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday. Don’t miss me too much! Until tomorrow….

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