December 4, 2015

Friday - Rainy all day

A good day.  

I got up early today, at least before my alarm went off.  Hurray for that! I got up, watched my shows and had breakfast.  I even remembered to take my last medicine dose.  Yes!

I made the bed during the break between shows and I even got dressed into my workout clothes.  That meant that I was ready at about the right time to do a 30 minute workout before F came home for lunch.  I did it too. I did a brisk one, so was glad that it was only 30 minutes total!

F did come home during his lunch, so I was able to stay out of his way. Hurray for that.

In the afternoon I watched Broadchurch 2.  I made sure to set the DVR for last week.  I had it all on the machine before, but we were needing space so I deleted it all.  

I had lunch and then took a shower.  It was about time really!  I was going to walk to the post office, but just as I decided I would, the rain came back really strong and I decided not to do it.  I thought I’d ask F if he could take me after work.  

I watched the news and did a bit of packing my stuff.  I hope that I have enough for my trip.  I’m a  tad worried that I don’t have enough, which is rather funny as I’m sure that I do! It is just if the weather tanks while I’m in Sendai I’m not sure what I will do. Manage I suppose!

F called me and I asked if he’d take me to the post office after he was done with his mother.  I wasn’t too surprised when he said he’d be right over.  He was and we drove over to the main post office.  It was a bit tough as traffic was terrible, but we made it there.  Of course, F offered to pay, but I told him quite truthfully that I needed to break my large bill.  

He dropped me off at home again and then went over to his mother’s. I got a start on dinner.  Tonight I steamed some broccoli, then boiled some pasta, fried some chicken and washed some lettuce!  I was quite busy and it was a bit stressful.  My left shoulder blade has been really painful for a few weeks and it got very bad during cooking. After F came to the table I excused myself and went into the bedroom and just tried to ease out the kinks.  It didn’t work completely.  F actually asked what was wrong afterwards, which was surprising.  

We ate and dinner was good. There are a few leftovers for F to eat if he wants them over the next couple of days. 

I spent the rest of the evening getting ready for my trip or working on the tree trunk of my little Christmas tree. It went well, and I made two of them tonight.  

Which brings me to the end of this entry.  I’ll be away for a couple of nights in Sendai. I’m quite booked up time-wise, so I hope that I am able to do a bit of relaxing.  I’ll be meeting up with friends so that will be a lot of fun, I hope! In any case, please don’t wait by your computer for my next update!  I’ll be back either Monday or Tuesday evening.  Until then….

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