December 8, 2015

Tuesday - Cloudy and cool

An okay day.

I got up before my alarm today but was still quite tired and not really feeling it!  I made some tea and had breakfast while watching House.  At 10:30 there was a different show on than I was expecting and it was a failed US show.  It was on, but I didn’t really watch it.  I got dressed for my workout and then did it.  I started right around 11:30 so was done early in case F came home.  He didn’t!

In the afternoon I watched Broadchurch 2.  Wow.  I thought it was really well done, although I didn’t really like how things went down.  I also watched the weekend’s episode of Major Crimes and liked that.

I left starting dinner a little late, so was trying to play catch up when F arrived home.  I was trying to cook in a Japanese style, which is hard if you don’t have any of the ingredients at hand.  I didn’t have sake so I used some of my gorgeous sherry from a few years ago.  It tasted good.  

I ended up changing the method halfway through, but when I declared my dish to be “done” it wasn’t bad.  F said it was good, but by that point I would have been upset if he hadn’t said that! Actually, I quite liked it so who knows.  Don’t really want to make it again though!  I made “buri daikon” and it was actually my first time cooking daikon too.  I really don’t do Japanese food at all. 

I did the dishes tonight because F was in a bad way and then went and worked on Christmas cards too.  I got a couple done as well.  I also will send off a couple of easy Christmas gifts tomorrow if I get them wrapped.  Fingers crossed.

Tonight was quite quiet.  I watched Grey’s Anatomy on the couch and did a little crochet.  Even though I’m still working on them, I think I won’t be able to send off my Christmas trees this year.  I’ll have to save them for next year or something.  

That’s about it.  Tomorrow I will try cooking sweet potatoes in the slow cooker and maybe something with eggplant too, but not in the slow cooker.  I have to work out, go to the post office and write more cards!  Come back and see just what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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